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♔ We use for testing only 2 old laptops:
1. Acer - Intel Core i3-3217U ( 5 years old)
2. Lenovo - Intel Core i7-4710MQ is over 3 years old (He works 24 hours a day)

♕♞ A modern laptop that will be designed only for chess engine tests costs (with software) about $ 1000-1200 (4200-4500 PLN). We will no longer invest private money, and chess engine testing costs are big. That is why we are starting the collection for the purchase of a laptop for testing.

♕ Our blog "Chess Engines Diary" is visited by around 2,000-3.000 users daily. If only everyone paid 1 dollar - we will pay the required amount in one day!


Thursday, August 27, 2015

228 Chess Engines witch S - update location and files

228 Chess Engines witch S:  Safrad2. sage_353.7z sam.7z SarosBlitz.7z saros-windows.7z Satana.2.0.1b.7z Satana. Satana. Satana. Satana. Satana. Sayuri 2014.03.04.7z sayuri-r2014.05.24.7z sayuri-r2014.06.16.7z sayuri-r2014.07.23.7z sayuri-r2014.08.06.7z sayuri-r2014.08.16.7z sayuri-r2014.08.21.7z sayuri-r2014.09.14.7z sayuri-r2014.12.14.7z sayuri-r2015.01.08.7z sayuri-r2015.01.17.7z sayuri-r2015.02.02.7z SCE_v1.2.7z Schess.7z Scidlet.7z Scidlet Engines Pack.7z Scorpio_2.76.7z scorpio-277.7z scorpio-27-ja.7z Sdbc.7z SdBC SdBC See.7z Senpai 1.0.7z Senpai-1.0.7z SF MZPrO 32-64.7z SF030115MZ 32-64.7z SF060415MZ 32-64.7z SF061114MZ.7z SF071014MZ 32-64 LP.7z SF091114MZ 32-64.7z SF181014MZ 32-64.7z SF221214MZ 32- 64.7z SF241014MZ 32-64.7z SF-ExtMZ 32-64.7z shallow-rev688-win-ja.7z Shark Shark 141219.7z Shark 141220.7z Shark 150102.7z Shark 150103.7z Shark Shark Shark_141130.7z shutranj-tm-win32.7z Sierzant_026.7z silchess-3.1.7z sillyChess.7z Simon_12.7z simplex097.7z Sinapse.7z Sjaak II Sjaak II Sjaak-437-win.7z Sjaak506.7z Sjaak519.7z Sjaak-524-win.7z SjaakII 1.0rc.7z SjaakII 1.0rc3b.7z SjaakII SjaakII beta4.7z SjaakII_beta1.7z SjaakII_MS.7z SjaakII-beta3-win.7z sjaakII-beta5-win.7z Sjakk 2.2.7z Sjakk v2.0.7z Sjakk v2.1.7z sloppy-020-win32.7z Slowchess2.960ca.7z SlowChess2960.7z SlowChess2960d.7z SlowChess2960e.7z slowchess-296-ja.7z SmallC-90-3.7z SmallPotato.7z smallpotato-0.7.0TM.7z SmarThink.7z SmarThink 1.60.7z SmarThink1.40.7z SmarThink1.50.7z SmarThink1.70.7z smash- smatovic-zeta_dva-60da48b.7z Snail.7z snitch1.6.2.7z Soldat3_1.78.7z Soldat3_159c.7z Soldat3_168.7z Soldat3_172.7z SOS.7Z sp060.7z spark-1.0.7z spike_14.7z st017a.7z StAndersen.7z STING 120610.7Z STING 2.7Z STING 2 VE.7Z STING 3.7Z STING SF 1.0.7Z STING SF 2.0.7Z Sting sf 3.7z STING SV PV.7Z sting_SF_10_w32.7z Sting_SF_3_VE.7z sting-sf-4.7z sting-sf-45.7z sting-sf-46.7z Sting-sf-4-64.7z sting-sf-47.7z sting-sf-481.7z sting-sf-482.7z sting-sf-483.7z sting-sf-4a.7z Storm.7z STRELKA 1.0 BETA (WB).7Z STRELKA 1.8.7z STRELKA 2.0 (UCI).7Z Strelka Strelka3R.7z Strelka5.7z strelka5.1.7z Strelka5.5_32_64bit.7z strelka55.7z strelka57mpx64.7z Strelka6.7z Strong_x64.7z Strong_x64.exe.7z StrongChess1.0.7z suff0_3a.7z Sugar.7z SugaR 050415 32-64.7z SugaR 050615 SugaR 080615 SugaR 110515 SugaR 130515 Sugar 2.0b.7z SugaR 200415 SugaR 250615 SugaR 270315 SugaR 280515 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0c 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0d 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0e 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0f 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0g 32-64.7z Sugar v3.0a 32-64.7z Sugar v3.0b 32-64.7z Sugar v4.1 32-64.7z Sugar v4.2 32-64.7z SugaR v5.0 32-64.7z SugaR v5.1 SugaR v5.2 SugaR v5.2a SugaR v5.2b SugaR v5.3 SugaR v5.3 RC1 SugaR v5.3 RC2 SugaR v5.3b SugaR v5.4 SugaR v5.4a sungorus-14-ja.7z Sunsetter.7z SuperMainsworthy_206.7z Superpawn b71.7z Superpawn b89.7z Superpawn b91.7z Superpawn b95.7z superpawn-windows-x64.7z SUPRA 14.0.7Z SUPRA 15.0.7Z SUPRA 16.0.7z Supra 17.7z Supra 18.7z Supra 19.0.7z Supra 19.1.7z Supra 20.1.7z supra_11.4.7z supra_13.1.7z supra_13.2.7z Surprise.7z Synapse Synapse RZ4 Szint.7z

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