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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sting sf 7.3 - chess engine UCI. New version

Sting sf - UCI chess engines (based on Stockfish)

Previous version chess engine Sting sf 

Author - Marek Kwiatkowski

Rating JCER=3040

Sting sf7.3 download


  1. The Sting engines listing Marek Kwiatkowski as the author are either the lasiest clones ever, or Kwiatkowski is just a terrible coder that is incapable of even finding the author's signature line in the code. Download the engine and install it in whatever GUI you choose and the author that pops up is Tord Romstad and Marco Costalba. A word of advice Marek...while it is perfectly fine to clone open source material like Stockfish, you might want to change at least one line of code....oh wait....two lines of code. One line to make your "own" improvements and the second line to change the original author. What a joke!

    1. Marek Kwiatkowski announces that Sting is based entirely on code Stockfish.