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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chess engine - Jumbo-0.1.5 (Win32)

Jumbo - winboard chess engine

About the engine
OS: Windows
Protocol: WB
Board representation: Mailbox
Maximum # of CPU cores used: 1
Pondering: no
Search: classical PVS, recursive null move, IID, almost no forward pruning
Evaluation: minimalistic (material, PST, mobility, passed pawns, weak pawns)
Evaluation parameters: ad-hoc, no tuning at all
Hash table: currently fixed size of 256 MB
Playing strength of current version: not known yet, probably about Elo 2000 in terms of CCRL
Restrictions of current version: does not support opening book, EGTB, analyze mode

Author - Sven Schüle, Berlin (Germany)

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