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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chess engine: Raubfisch X35f

Raubfisch is an engine derived rom Stockfish and Torpedo 1.1 XJR (private engine by Frank Karl Werner and Max Fehler)

Rating JCER - 3341

EnkoChess 03.08.2017 - UCI chess engine. New version!

EnkoChess - UCI engine

Author - Evgeny Silchenko

EnkoChess 03.08.2017 - download

Chess engine: Raubfisch ME 262 GTZ14e

Raubfisch is an engine derived rom Stockfish and Torpedo 1.1 XJR (private engine by Frank Karl Werner and Max Fehler)

Rating JCER - 3334

Gnuchess 6.2.5 wins 6 League JCER, edition 04/2017, 2017.08.12 - 2017.08.15

Temp 3' + 3" Hardware: Intel Core i7-4710MQ with 7,9 GB Memory , Windows 10 64-bit
595 Tournament games, GUI-Arena 3.5.1161.651 JCER games,  until 31.12.2016
39.509 JCER games (from 01.01.2017)  JCER League
Book: Perfect 2017,     Games, engines, book - download       Table created - Scid vs PC

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

89 chess engines the letter D (part D2) - download update

89 chess engines the letter D (part D2) - download

EnginesDeepSaros all.7z DefeoB007.Alfa08.EvalDefeoB006.7z Delfi.7z Delphil_2.9d.7z Delphil_2.9g.7z Delphil_2.9gx64.7z Delphil_3.7z Delphil_3.1.7z Delphil_3.2.7z Delphil2_9e.7z Demolito-rev-165-sse4.2(Windows+Linux).7z dendron_042_ja.7z DesasterArea-1.54.7z Deuterium v11. deuterium v12.01.30.1070.7z Deuterium v13. Deuterium v14. Deuterium v14. Deuterium v14. diablo-051-ja.7z Diep_20.7z Dimitri 3.11.7z Dimitri 3.50a.7z DimitriWBE3.0.1.7z Dirty03NOV2015.7z Dirty05SEP2012.7z Dirty08APR2013.7z Dirty10APR2015.7z Dirty20APR2013.7z Dirty23MAR2012.7z Dirty25AUG2011.7z Dirty30APR2017.7z DisasterArea 1.65.7z DiscoCheck DiscoCheck_35.7z Discocheck_4.2.1.7z Discocheck_5.0.1.7z DiscoCheck4.01.7z discocheck-43-ja.7z DiscoCheck5.2.7z DiscoCheck5.21.7z DiscoCheck501x32TM.7z Djinn.7z Djinn0.992.7z Djinn1.006.7z Djinn1.010.7z djinn1007_w32.7z djinn1008.7z Djinn1021.7z djinn967.7z djinn971.7z djinn979.7z doch-134-ja.7z doch-13-ja.7z dokchess-01-ja.7z DON 010216.7z DON 020115.7Z DON 050914a.7z DON 060914.7z DON 1.0b.7z DON 110315.7Z DON 131214.7z DON 140715 32-64.7z DON 211115.7z DON 230416.7z DON 301215syzygy.7z DON 310815 32-64.7z Donna_4.0.7z donna1.7z Donna-2.0.7z donna-2.1.7z donna-3.7z Donna-3.1.7z Dorky4.3allversion.7z Dorky4.5.7z Dorpsgek-alpha3-rev64(Windows+Linux).7z Dorpsgek-Ambrosia2-x64.7z Dorpsgek-Ambrosia-3-popcnt-rev-91(Windows64+Linux64).7z Dorpsgek-BloodyMary-x64.7z Dorpsgek-Cosmopolitan1.7z Dorpsgek-Dillinger.7z DoubleCheck_27.7z doublecheck-33-ja.7z dragon_443_uci.7z DragonSlayer SE.7z dragontooth-0.2-bahamut.7z drosophila-1.4.7z Drunkenmaster.7z Dumb.7z

Stockfish 17081508 - new version!

Stockfish, chess engine UCI

Leader rating list JCER = 3331
🔬 Author: Marco Costalba

Timestamp: 1502776918 

Fix incorrect StateInfo 

We use Position::set() to set root position across threads. But there are some StateInfo fields (previous, pliesFromNull, capturedPiece) that cannot be deduced from a fen string, so set() clears them and to not lose the info we need to backup and later restore setupStates->back(). 
Note that setupStates is shared by threads but is accessed 
in read-only mode. 

This fixes regression introduced by df6cb446eaf21 

Tested with 3 threads at STC: 
LLR: 2.95 (-2.94,2.94) [-4.00,0.00] 
Total: 14436 W: 2304 L: 2196 D: 9936 

Bench: 5608839 

⭐⭐⭐   Stockfish 17081508 - download

Chess engine: asmFish 2017-08-14

JCER Rating=3301

Houdini 6 - already in september!

Robert Houdard:
Houdini 6 will be released next month"


Stockfish 17081314 - new version!

Stockfish, chess engine UCI

Leader rating list JCER = 3331
🔬 Author: Marco Costalba

Timestamp: 1502628381 

Run clang-tidy 'modernize' 

Some warnings after a run of: 

$ clang-tidy-3.8 -checks='modernize-*' *.cpp syzygy/*.cpp -header-filter=.* -- -std=c++11 

I have not fixed all suggestions, for instance I still prefer to declare the type instead of a spread use of 'auto'. I also perfer good old 'typedef' to the new 'using' form. 

I have not fixed some warnings in the last functions of syzygy code because those are still the original functions and need to be completely rewritten anyhow. 

Thanks to erbsenzaehler for the original idea. 
No functional change. 

⭐⭐⭐   Stockfish 17081314 - download

AsmFish 2017-07-10 wins JCER Test Tournament, 2017.08.10 - 2017.08.14

Temp 3' + 3" Hardware: Intel Core i3-3217U CPU 3,9 GB Memory , Windows 10 x64
546 Tournament games, GUI-Arena 3.5.1161.651 JCER games,  until 31.12.2016
39.509 JCER games (from 01.01.2017)  JCER League
Book: Perfect 2017,   Table created - Scid vs PC

NirvanaChess 2.4 UCI chess engine. New version!

NirvanaChess - UCI chess engines
Nirvana - home page 

Author - Thomas Kolarik,  JCER ranking= 2909

Nirvana 2.4 download

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stockfish 17081313 - new version!

Stockfish, chess engine UCI

Leader rating list JCER = 3331
🔬 Author: Marco Costalba

Timestamp: 1502624519 

Thread code reformat 

Simplify out low level sync stuff (mutex and friends) and avoid to use them directly in many functions. 

Also some renaming and better comment while there. 

No functional change. 

⭐⭐⭐   Stockfish 17081313 - download

Chess engine: Chess22k 1.5

Chess22k - UCI (java) chess engine

Rating JCER=2325

Chess22k 1.5 - download

Chess engine: RuyDos 10.08.2017

RuyDos - UCI chess engine
Rating JCER=2491

Author - Álvaro Begué

RuyDos 10.08.2017 - download

Stockfish 17081211 - new version!

Stockfish, chess engine UCI

Leader rating list JCER = 3331
🔬 Author: tthsqe12

Timestamp: 1502531231 

Fix the handling of opposite bishops in KXK endgame evaluation 

The case of three or more bishops against a long king must look at all of the bishops and not just the first two in the piece lists. This patch makes sure that the position is treated as a win when there are bishops on opposite colors. This functional change is very small because bench remains the same. 

LLR: 2.95 (-2.94,2.94) [-4.00,0.00] 
Total: 24249 W: 4349 L: 4275 D: 15625 

Bench: 5608839 

⭐⭐⭐   Stockfish 17081211 - download

Ruydos 1.0.22 wins 5 League JCER, edition 04/2017, 2017.08.06 - 2017.08.12

Temp 3' + 3" Hardware: Intel Core i7-4710MQ with 7,9 GB Memory , Windows 10 x64
650 Tournament games, GUI-Arena 3.5.1161.651 JCER games,  until 31.12.2016
39.509 JCER games (from 01.01.2017)  JCER League
Book: Perfect 2017,     Games, engines, book - download    Table created - Scid vs PC

131 chess engines the letter S (part S3) - download update

131 chess engines the letter S (part S3) - download

EnginesSierzant_026.7z silchess-3.1.7z sillyChess.7z Simon_12.7z simplex097.7z Sinapse.7z Sjaak II 1.0.0.zip Sjaak II 1.0rc4.zip Sjaak-437-win.7z Sjaak506.7z Sjaak519.7z Sjaak-524-win.7z SjaakII 1.0rc.7z SjaakII 1.0rc3b.7z SjaakII 1.0rc5.zip SjaakII 1.3.7z Sjaakii 1.3.1a.7z SjaakII beta4.7z SjaakII.1.2.1.zip SjaakII_beta1.7z SjaakII_MS.7z sjaakii-1.0rc6-win.zip sjaakii- SjaakII-573.zip SjaakII-beta3-win.7z sjaakII-beta5-win.7z Sjakk 2.2.7z Sjakk v2.0.7z Sjakk v2.1.7z skiull-0.1-x64.zip skiull-0.2-x64.7z skotz.v0.2.1.zip sloppy-020-win32.7z Slowchess2.960ca.7z SlowChess2960.7z SlowChess2960d.7z SlowChess2960e.7z slowchess-296-ja.7z SmallC-90-3.7z SmallPotato.7z smallpotato-0.7.0TM.7z SmarThink.7z SmarThink 1.60.7z SmarThink 195.7z SmarThink1.40.7z SmarThink1.50.7z SmarThink1.70.7z smarthink180.zip smarthink196.zip smarthink197.7z smartthink190.zip smash- smatovic-zeta_dva-60da48b.7z Snail.7z snitch1.6.2.7z Soberango Soberango0.02.0.7z Soberango0000.7z Soberango0011.7z Soberango0012.7z Soberango0013.7z Soberango0014.7z Soberango0021.7z Soberango0030.7z Soberango0040.7z Soberango0041.7z Soberango0042.7z Soberango0043.7z Soberango0050.7z Soberango0062.7z Soberango0071.7z Soberango0072.7z Soberango0074.7z Soberango0081.7z Soberango0083.7z Soberango0090.7z Soberango0092.7z Soberango0093.zip Soberango0095.7z Soberango0096.7z Soberango0097.7z Soberango0100.7z Soberango0102.7z Soldat 3_187.7z Soldat3_1.78.7z Soldat3_159c.7z Soldat3_168.7z Soldat3_172.7z Sophy- SOS.7Z sp060.7z spaghetti_Ivan.zip spark-1.0.7z Spartan-TM.7z spike_14.7z st017a.7z StAndersen.7z STING 120610.7Z STING 2.7Z STING 2 VE.7Z STING 3.7Z Sting 6.3 x64.7z STING SF 1.0.7Z STING SF 2.0.7Z Sting sf 3.7z STING SV PV.7Z sting_SF_10_w32.7z Sting_SF_3_VE.7z sting-sf-4.7z sting-sf-45.7z sting-sf-46.7z Sting-sf-4-64.7z sting-sf-47.7z sting-sf-481.7z sting-sf-482.7z sting-sf-483.7z sting-sf-484.zip sting-sf-4a.7z sting-sf-5.zip sting-sf-6.zip sting-sf-61.zip sting-sf-62.zip sting-sf-67.zip sting-sf-7.7z sting-sf-71.zip sting-sf-72.7z sting-sf-73.7z sting-sf-8.7z sting-sf-81.7z sting-sf-85.7z Storm.7z

99 chess engines the letter S (part S4) - download update

99 chess engines the letter S (part S4) - download

EnginesSTRELKA 1.0 BETA (WB).7Z STRELKA 1.8.7z STRELKA 2.0 (UCI).7Z Strelka Strelka3R.7z Strelka5.7z strelka5.1.7z Strelka5.5_32_64bit.7z strelka55.7z strelka57mpx64.7z strelka57mpx64.zip Strelka6.7z StrongChess1.0.7z StupidTM.7z suff0_3a.7z Sugar.7z SugaR 050415 32-64.7z SugaR 050615 32-64.zip SugaR 080615 32-64.zip SugaR 110317 32-64.7z SugaR 110515 32-64.zip SugaR 130515 32-64.zip SugaR 140217 32-64.7z SugaR 2.0 32-64.7z Sugar 2.0b.7z SugaR 2.1 32-64.7z SugaR 2.2 32-64.7z SugaR 2.4 32-64.7z SugaR 2.5 32-64.7z SugaR 2.6 32.64.7z SugaR 200415 32-64.zip SugaR 250615 32-64.zip SugaR 270315 32-64.zip SugaR 280515 32-64.7z SugaR 280517.7z SugaR Beta1.zip SugaR PrO 060915 32-64.7z SugaR PrO 090915 32-64.7z SugaR Pro 1.2a.zip SugaR Pro 160915 32-64.7z SugaR PrO RC1 32-64.zip SugaR PrO RC2 32-64.7z SugaR PrO rP100515.7z SugaR PrO v1.0 32-64.7z SugaR PrO v1.1 64.7z SugaR PrO v1.2 32-64.7z SugaR PrO v1.2b 32-64.7z SugaR PrO v1.3 32-64.7z SugaR PrO v1.3a 32-64.zip SugaR PrO v1.3b 32-64.7z SugaR PrO v1.4 64.zip SugaR SE 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0c 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0d 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0e 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0f 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0g 32-64.7z Sugar v3.0a 32-64.7z Sugar v3.0b 32-64.7z Sugar v4.1 32-64.7z Sugar v4.2 32-64.7z SugaR v5.0 32-64.7z SugaR v5.1 32-64.zip SugaR v5.2 32-64.zip SugaR v5.2a 32-64.zip SugaR v5.2b 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3 RC1 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3 RC2 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3b 32-64.zip SugaR v5.4 32-64.zip SugaR v5.4a 32-64.zip SugaR v5.4b 32-64.zip SugaR X.7z SugaR XPrO 1.0 32-64.7z SugaR XPrO 1.0a 32-64.7z SugaR XPrO 1.0c 32-64.7z SugaR XPrO 1.0d 32-64.7z SugaR XPrO 1.0e 32-64.7z SugaR.XPrO 1.2.7z sungorus-1.4.zip sungorus-14-ja.7z Sunsetter.7z Sunsetter 9.7z Super Micro 583 fide.7z SuperMainsworthy_206.7z superpawn b110.7z Superpawn b71.7z Superpawn b89.7z Superpawn b91.7z Superpawn b95.7z Superpawn.b102.zip Superpawn.b108.zip Superpawn1.0.zip superpawn109.zip Superpawnb96.zip Superpawnb99.zip superpawn-windows-x64.7z supra_24.0.zip

92 chess engines the letter S (part S2) - download update

92 chess engines the letter S (part S2) - download

EnginesSCE_v1.2.7z Schess.7z Schola.7z Schooner-1.4.1.zip Schooner1.4.2_32.zip Schooner1.7.7z Scidlet.7z Scidlet Engines Pack.7z Scorpio_2.76.7z scorpio-2.7.7-JA.zip scorpio-277.7z scorpio-27-ja.7z Sdbc.7z SdBC SdBC Seahorse 1.0 UCI.7z See.7z Senpai 1.0JV.7z Senpai-1.0.7z SF 090116MZ 32-54.zip SF MZPrO 32-64.7z SF_15062017.7Z SF_LMR080717MZ.7Z SF030115MZ 32-64.7z SF040416MZ 32-64.7Z SF040715MZ 32-64.7z SF051215MZ 32-64.7z SF060415MZ 32-64.7z SF060717MZ.7z SF061114MZ.7z SF061115MZ 64.7z SF071014MZ 32-64 LP.7z SF080915MZ 32-64.7z SF091114MZ 32-64.7z SF101015MZ 32-64.7z SF141015MZ 64.7z SF170426_pedvk.7z SF170516MZ FIX.7z SF170710vk_ASM.7z SF171015MZ 64.7z SF181014MZ 32-64.7z SF181115MZ 32-64.7z SF220316MZ 32-64.7Z SF221214MZ 32- 64.7z SF241014MZ 32-64.7z SF260316MZ 32-64.7Z SF300915MZ 32-64.7z SF7 160120VK 64 POP.7z SF7 160408vk 64 SSE.zip SF7 290116VK.7Z SF-ExtMZ 32-64.7z shallow-rev688-win-ja.zip Shallow-rev-694-Windows64+Linux64.7z Shark 141218.zip Shark 141219.7z Shark 141220.7z Shark 150102.7z Shark 150103.7z Shark 150312.zip Shark 150627.zip Shark 151102.7z Shark 160103.7z Shark 160124.7z Shark 160207.7z Shark 160221.7z Shark 160302.7z Shark 160310.7z Shark 160409.7z Shark 160418.7z Shark 160505.7z Shark 160514.7z Shark 160520.7z Shark 160813 x64 bf.7z Shark 160831 x64 bf.7z Shark 161101 x64 bf.7z Shark 170131 x64 bf.7z Shark 170206.7z Shark 170424.7z Shark 170508.7z Shark 170508 bf.7z Shark 170518.7z Shark 170518 bf.7z Shark 170606.7z Shark 170708 bf.7z Shark_141130.7z Shield 1.3.7z Shield_1.0.zip Shield_1.1.zip Shield_1.2.zip Shield_1.3.1.7z Shutranj-Test.7z shutranj-tm-win32.7z

44 chess engines the letter J - download update

44 chess engines the letter J - download

EnginesJabba1.0.7z JackalChess.7z jacksprat.lamneth 4.7z Jacksprat-v1.0-rev-2(Windows+Linux).7z JaksaH 1.13.7z JaksaH 1.14.7z JaksaH_v1.11_ENG.7z JaksaH_v1.12.7z JanWillem.7z Jazz 840.7z jazz-421-win-i386.7z Jazz-640.7z Jazz-721.7z Jazz-801-win.7z jazz-818-win.7z jazz-821-win.7z jellyfish_1.0_windows.7z Jellyfish_1.1.7z jester-084-ja.7z JFresh01aTM.7z jikchess-0.01.7z jikchess-0.02.7z joanna2002-106_ja.7z JokerFish 1.0a x64.7z joko tole.7z JONNY 2.62.7Z JONNY 2.64.7Z JONNY 2.70.7Z JONNY 2.75.7Z JONNY 2.82p4.7z JONNY 2.83 (WB).7Z jonny283_lin.7z Jonny400.7z jonte-025-win32-ja.7z Judas 1.0 x64.7z Judas 1.03 x64p.7z Judas PrO (Sr).7z Jukebox_DEV1.7z jumbo- jumbo- jumbo- jumbo- jumbo- jumbo-

206 chess engines the letter R - download update

206 chess engines the letter R - download

EnginesRaffaela.7z Raffaela. Raffaela. Raffaela2.1.2.7z RaguS XPrO 1.0 x64_fix.7z Rainbow Serpent_232_32bit.7z rainman_v075.7z RamJet_010.7z RamJet_011.7z RamJet_012.7z RamJet_013.7z RamJet_09.7z Randomizer.7z Ranomi_170614.7z rasher 0.1alpha.7z RataAeroespacial- rattatechess_nosferatu.7z Raubfisch ME 262 _GTZ4.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTVa.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTZ10a.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTZ10b.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTZ10f.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTZ13a.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTZ13b.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTZ13e.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTZ13f.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTZ14.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTZ14c.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTZ14d.7z Raubfisch ME262_GTZ9d.7z Raubfisch X35.7z Raubfisch X35a.7z Raubfisch X35b.7z RBrChess_v3.2.7z rebcen42.7z Rebel 6.0.7z Rebel Century.7z RebelTNG.7z redqueen-1.1.1-windows.7z redqueen-1.1.2-windows.7z redqueen-1.1.3TCEC.7z redqueen-1.1.3-windows.7z redqueen-1.1.4-windows64.7z redqueen-1.1.92-windows64.7z redqueen-1.1.97-windows64.7z redqueen-1.1.98-64.7z RedQueen1197x32TM.7z Replicant.7z Requiem.7z resp-019-ja.7z Revati04c.7z rhetoric_1.0.7z rhetoric_1.1.7z rhetoric_1.2.7z rhetoric_1.4.7z rhetoric_1.4.1.7z rhetoric_1.4.3.7z RivalChess1.3.7z rival-uci-0094-ja.7z RivalUCI-1.18.7z Robbo085c3_Fix.7z Robbo085d1_all.7z Robbo085d2_all.7z Robbo085e1_all.7z Robboh6.7z RobboLite_0085c4.7z RobboLite_0085c5.7z RobboLite_0085d3.7z RobboLite_0085d3 x32+x64.7z RobboLite085.7z RobboLite085_x64_bs.7z RobboLite085c3.7z RobboLite085c3_w32_bs.7z RobboLito 0.085 GT3B By eliasgino2007.7z RobboLito 0.085d - rb1b By eliasgino2007.7z RobboLito 0.086h3_32bit_noSSE2.7z RobboLito 0[1].085c2 x64 var_hash.exe.7z RobboLito 0[1].085F1 By eliasgino2007.7z Robbolito 0085 TA 01.7z Robbolito 0085 TA 02.7z RobboLito 009.7z RobboLito 09Qi x64 SSE4.2.7z RobboLito d3 d8 w32 x64.7z Robbolito for Pocket PC.7z Robbolito TA04.7z robbolito_0.085g31.7z RobboLito_0.085gt3b.7z Robbolito_0.086h_32bit.7z RobboLito_0.086h5_noSSE2.7z RobboLito_0.086h6_w32_noSSE2.7z RobboLito_0.086h6_w32_SSE2.7z Robbolito_0.10_SMP.7z RobboLito_0085d10.7z RobboLito_0085d11.7z RobboLito_0085d12.7z RobboLito_0085d4.7z RobboLito_0085d5.7z RobboLito_0085d6.7z RobboLito_0085d7.7z RobboLito_0085d8.7z RobboLito_0085d9.7z RobboLito_0085e.7z RobboLito_0085e_x64.7z RobboLito_0085e1.7z RobboLito_0085e2_w32.7z RobboLito_0085e3_w32.7z RobboLito_0085e4_w32.7z RobboLito_0085e4_w32_no_SSE2.7z RobboLito_0085e4_x64.7z Robbolito_0085f1 samer.7z Robbolito_0085f1a.7z Robbolito_0085f1a samer.7z RobboLito_0085g2_w32.7z RobboLito_0085g2_w32_no_SSE2.7z RobboLito_0085g2_x64.7z RobboLito_0085g3_w32.7z RobboLito_0085g3_w32_no_SSE2.7z RobboLito_0085g3_x64.7z RobboLito_0085g3l_x86.7z RobboLito_0085g4_w32.7z RobboLito_0085g5_w32.7z RobboLito_0085gt3_w32.7z RobboLito_0085gt3_w64.7z RobboLito_009.7z RobboLito_020Q.7z RobboLito_021Q.7z RobboLito_085d4_x64.7z Robbolito_h4_32bit_NoSSE.7z RobboLito_h7_w32.7z RobboLito_vH3_x64.7z RobboLito+0.085F1+By+eliasgino2007.7z RobboLito085_x64_linux.7z RobboLito085d_x64.7z RobboLito085d5_x64.7z RobboLito085d6_x64.7z RobboLito085d7_x64.7z RobboLito085d8_x64.7z RobboLito085d9_x64.7z RobboLito085e_x64.7z RobboLito085e2_x64.7z RobboLito085F1_w32_bs.7z RobboLito085f1_x64.7z RobbolitoAldenRelease.7z RobboLito-T 0085g3 w32.7z RobboLitoTA01_x64.7z RobboLitoTA02_x64.7z RobboLitoTA3_w32.7z RobboLitoTA3_w32_sse2.7z RobboLitoTA3_x64.7z Robin.7z RobinEngine.7z Robocide20160510TM.7z RobocideFeb13-CygwinTM.7z RobocideFeb13-CygwinTMBugfix.7z RobocideTM-20170718.7z Robodini.7z Roc.zip Roc_0.2.7z Roc_0_7.7z Roc_0_8.7z roce39.7z rocinante-20-ja.7z Rodent II.7z Rodent III.7z Rodent III_litle.7z rodent_0.12.7z rodent_0.17.7z rodent_1.0.7z rodent_1.1.7z rodent_1.2.7z rodent_1.3.7z rodent_1.4.7z rodent_1.5.7z rodent_1.6.7z rodent_1.7.7z rodent_distrib_016.7z Rodent_II-0.9.68.risky.7z rodent_rewrite-master.7z rodent0.18-android-ja.7z rodent-018-ja.7z Rodent2-0963-Windows64+Linux64.7z rodentII rodentII. Rodin v4.0.7z Rodin_v5.0.7z Rodin_v5.1.7z Rodin_v6.0.7z Rodin_v7.0.7z Rodin_v8.0.7z RomiChess_P3L.7z ronja.7z ronja- Roque.7z Roque_2.1.7z rotor_08_win32.7z Rotor0.7a.7z rubyknight-020-ja.7z Ruffian RumbleMinze-1-0-30.7z ruydos Ruydos.01.07.2017.7z Ruydos.2017.06.26.7z ruydos.20170613.7z ruydos-01.06.2017.7z ruydos- Ryanfish 1.7z

142 chess engines the letter B - download update

142 chess engines the letter B - download

EnginesBabychess.7z bagatur-13a-32-ja.7z BagaturEngine.1.3.7z BagaturEngine.1.4.7z BagaturEngine.1.4a.7z BagaturEngine.1.4b.7z BagaturEngine.1.4c.7z BagaturEngine.1.4d.7z BagaturEngine.1.5.7z BagaturEngine.1.5a.7z BagaturEngine.1.5b.7z BagaturEngine.1.5c.7z BagaturEngine.1.5d.7z BagaturEngine.1.5e.7z baislicka 1.0.7z Barbarossa. Barbarossa0.1.7z Barbarossa- Barbarossa- Barbarossa- Baron.7z baron329.7z BBChess_1.3b.7z Bdi-chess-Devel006TM(Only Plays As Black).7z Beaches20v232.7z bearded_neural_v44.5.7z bearded_v44.5.7z BELKA BELKA BELKA Belka_1_8_11.7z Belka_1_8_12.7z Belka_1_8_16.7z Belka_1_8_19.7z Belka_1_8_20.7z Belka_1_8_22.7z Belka_1_8_7.7z Belka_1_8_8.7z Belka_1_8_9_0.7z Belka_2_0_0.7z Belofte.7z Belofte Beluga 141207.7z Beluga 150103.7z Belzebub_067.7z Beowulf.7z Beowulf 2.3 b5.1.7z BeRoChess32.7z BeRoChess64.7z Bestia.7z BetaFish 1.2.7z betafish Betsabe II 1.47.7z Betsabe II 1.66.7z Betsabe II_1.75.7z betsabe-II-122-ja.7z betsabe-II-130-ja.7z Betsy.7z BigLion.7z Bihasa_4.3.3.7z bismark_1.4.7z Bison 8.1.18s.7z Bison 8.1.24p.7z Bison 8.1.28p.7z Bison 8.1.28v.7z BISON 8.2.4r.7z Bison 9.11.7z BISON 9.6.7Z Bison 9.6n.7z Bison 9.8.7z Bison9.11.x64.7z bitfoot1.0.7z Bitfoot-1.0.65acfcb.7z Bitfoot-1.0.d9aeb43.7z BlackBishof.7z BlackMamba1.2.7z BlackMamba10.7z BlackMamba12b.7z BlackMamba12c.7z BlackMamba14.7z BlackMamba2.0.7z Blikskottel.7z BlitzKibitz-r20.7z Blitzkrieg-rev-327(Windows+Linux).7z Blunderer1.1.7z bobcat 8.0.7z bobcat_7.6.7z bobcat_v3.25.7z bobcat_v6.4b.7z bobcat_v7.1.7z bobcat20110414.7z Bodo.7z booot 6.1.7z booot_6_0_2_release.7z booot5_2_0_bin.7z booot6_0_1_release.7z booot6_2_release.7z Booot6_release.7z BorodinoChess 1.0 32-bit.7z Bouquet_1.5.7z Bouquet_1.6.7z bouquet_beta.1.7.7z Bouquet1.4.7z Bouquet1.8.7z BrainFish_160728.7z BrainFish_161009.7z BrainFish_161025.7z BrainFish_161127.7z BrainFish_161225.7z BrainFish_170114.7z BrainFish_170128.7z BrainFish_170130.7z BrainFish_170211.7z BrainFish_170226.7z BrainFish_170319.7z BrainFish_170410.7z BrainFish_170418.7z BrainFish_170429.7z BrainFish_170508.7z BrainFish_170518.7z BrainFish_170609.7z Brama.7z BremboCE.7z Bremboce062.7z BRIGHT 0.1d.7z BRIGHT 0.2c (UCI).7z BRIGHT 0.3a.7z BRIGHT 0.4a.7z BRIGHT 0.4a2.7z BRIGHT 0.4a3.7z Bright-0.5c.7z Bringer_19.7z bruja-191-ja.7z Brutus8_05.7z bsc3.9.7z bubble15.7z bugchess2_19.7z bumblebee 1.0.36898e1.7z bumblebee-1.0.7z butcher 1.61win32.7z Butterly0.5.7z byak-8.10.40-ja.7z

241 chess engines the letter C - download update

241 chess engines the letter C - download

Engines:Chiron-2\ Calculon-r258-PN.7z caligula07b.7z calimero.7z Capivara LK 0.08b04.7z Capivara LK 007s2.7z CapivaraLK008a11.7z CapivaraLK008a11a.7z CapivaraLK008a12.7z CapivaraLK008b01.7z CapivaraLK008b09.7z CapivaraLK008b10beta.7z CapivaraLK008b10beta_61-90.7z CapivaraLK008b11beta13.7z CapivaraLK008b12beta13.7z CapivaraLK009a01.7z CapivaraLK009a01b.7z CapivaraLK009a02c.7z CapivaraLK009b02c.7z CapivaraLK009b02d.7z CapivaraLK009b02e.7z CapivaraLK009b02f.7z CapivaraLK009b02g.7z Carballo 0.9.7z carballo uci 1.6.7z carballo-05-jet-ja.7z carballo-08-ja.7z carballo-1.1.1.zip carballo-1.2.zip carballo-1.4.7z carballo-1.5.7z carballo-uci-1.3.zip carballo-uci-1.7.7z carnivor-10-ja.zip cassandre-026-ja.7z CaveChess-0.1.7z CaveChess-0.3.7z CaveChess-0.4.7z CDrill_1800_Build_2.7z Cecir.7z cefap_06_wb.7z Celes 0.75c.7z Celes v0.77c.7z cerebro_303d.7z Ceruleanjs 0.1.1.zip Cfish 05.10.2016.7z CFish 161101.7z CFish 170512.7z Cfish.13.10.2016.7z CFish_090617_x32-x64.7z CFish_130717.7z cfish_2017-06-19.7z ChadsChess.7z Chaturanga243.7z Che_1-0.zip Che_1-1.zip Che_2-1.zip Cheese 1.7.zip cheese 1.9.7z cheese_14_64.7z Cheese1.5.7z Cheese-1.6.7z cheese-1.8.7z Cheese-161.7z chenard.7z Chenard 2015.04.08.zip Chenard 2015.08.14.zip Chenard.2015.06.03.zip Chenard.2015.07.01.zip Chenard.2015.08.04.zip Chenard2015.05.20.zip Chenard2015.06.14.zip Chenard23.02.2013.7z cheng3_uci_v1.07.7z cheng4_035.7z cheng4_035a.7z cheng4_036.7z cheng4_036a.7z cheng4_036c.7z cheng4_038.7z cheng4_39.zip cheops-1.1uci.7z cheops-1.1uci.zip cheoss-0649-ja.7z chess22k-1.2.7z chess22k-1.3.7z chess22k-1.4.7z chess4_1.0.1j.7z Chess41a.7z chess4j.7z chess4j-01-ja.7z chess4j- chess4j-1.2.7z chess4j-3.0.zip chess4j-3.1.7z chess4j-3.2.7z ChessBrainVB 2.03.7z ChessBrainVB 3.02.7z ChessBrainVB_V1_1.zip ChessBrainVB_V2_05.zip ChessbrainVB_V3_20.7z ChessbrainVB_V3_30.7z ChessbrainVB_V3_31.7z Chesser 1.9.7z Chesser 2.0.7z ChessKISS_bin.1.7c.zip ChessKISS_bin_15a.7z ChessKISS_bin_17.7z ChessMaude.7z ChessMind 0.80.7z chess-one-201-ja.7z Chessputer-rev-7(Windows+Linux).7z Chessrikus.7z ChessRockers 1.1 64bit.rar ChestUCI_V52.7z Chezzz.7z Chispa.7z Chop.7z chop1099.7z CHRISTINE T.7z Chronos 199.7z cicada 0.1.7z Cilian.7z Cinnamon_1.0.7z Cinnamon_1.1b.7z Cinnamon_1.1c.7z Cinnamon_1.2a.7z Cinnamon_2.0.7z cinnamon_win_1.2b.7z cinnamon-11-ja.7z Claudia.0.5.7z claudia_02.7z CLONKA clownfish_01.zip Clubfoot 1.0.zip Clubfoot-1.0.048995d.7z Clubfoot-1.0.31eadf2.zip Clubfoot-1.0.ead6245-win8-64.zip Clueless_10.7z clunk_1.1.zip ClusterToga-14b5c-ja.7z Cmcchess_V2.5_x86_win32.7z Cmcchess_v2.6.zip coiled_0.2b.7z coiled_0.4.7z coiled0.1a.7z Colchess.7z COLOSSUS 2006f.7z COLOSSUS 2007a.7z COLOSSUS 2007b.7z COLOSSUS 2007d.7z COLOSSUS X DOS.7Z colossus2006a.7z colossus2006b.7z colossus2006c.7z colossus2006d.7z colossus2006e.7z Colossus2007c.7z colossus2008a.7z colossus2008b.7z Comet.7z Complete Mainsworthy chess engines And GUI.7z ComStock ComStock 1.0.2 XP.7z COMSTOCK 1.0.2bx.7z ComStock_3.7z ComStock1.0.2a.7z ComStock1.0.2b.7z Conqueror.7z Conqueror 1.2.7z CorCfishExtended_1.3 200517.7z corchess.1.8.7z corchess_05.12.2016.7z CorChess_1.6_050717_x32-x64.7z Counter Counter2.0.7z Counter- Counter-v1.99-rev7(Windows64+Linux64).7z cpw1.1.7z CRAB 1.0.7Z CRAB 1.0 BETA.7Z crab_PGO.7z Crabby1.00.7z crabby2.0.zip crab-x64_PGO.7z crafty-23.5-64bit.7z crafty-23.6.7z crafty-23.6_x64.7z crafty-23.7-x64-nosse42.7z crafty-23.7-x64-sse42.7z crafty-23.8.7z Crafty-23.8-builds2.7z crafty-234-ja.7z crafty-236-ja.7z Crafty24.7z crafty-24.0-x64.7z crafty-24.1.7z Crafty-25.0.zip crafty-25.0.1.zip crafty-25.1.7z crafty-25.1PO.7z crafty-25.2.7z CRITTER 0.42.7Z CRITTER 0.52.7Z CRITTER 0.52a.7z CRITTER 0.52b.7z CRITTER 0.60.7Z CRITTER Critter_0.34_win32.7z Critter_0.36_win32.7z Critter_0.37_win32.7z Critter_0.38_win32.7z Critter_0.39_win32.7z Critter_0.39a_win32.7z Critter_0.40_win32.7z Critter_0.70.7z Critter_0.80.7z Critter_0.90.7z Critter_1.0.7z Critter_1.01.7z Critter_1.2_allversion.7z Critter_1.2_win.7z Critter_1.4.7z critter_1.4_win_fixed.7z critter_1.4_win2.7z Critter_1.4a_64bit_sse4.7z Critter1.6.7z Critter1.6a.7z crochess.7z Crux.7z ct800 v1.11.7z cuckoochess-111-ja.7z Cupcake-10.7z cupcake-11a-ja.7z Cyberpagno.7z CyberPagno_2.2.zip CyberPagno_2.3.zip CyberPagno_3.0.7z cyclone xTreme.7z cyrano0.6b17.7z OPENCRITTER OPENCRITTER

139 chess engines the letter N - download update

139 chess engines the letter N - download

EnginesN_O_m_e_g_a.7z N2.7z Nagaskaki.7z NANOOK 0.15.7Z NANOOK 0.16.7Z Nanook 0.17.7z nanook_v0-17.7z nanoSzachy3.9.7z nanoSzachy40.7z nanoSzachy41.7z Napoleon 1.5Windows.7z Napoleon-1.6.0b-Winx64.7z Napoleon1.7-Winx64.7z Napoleon-1.8.7z NapoleonPP.7z NapoleonPP08092013.7z Naraku14.7z naum46_x64.7z Nayeem 10.0.7z Nayeem 10.1.7z Nayeem 4.2.7z Nayeem 4.3.7z Nayeem 4.4.7z Nayeem 4.7.7z Nayeem 4.8 Chess Engine.7z Nayeem Nayeem 5.0.7z Nayeem Nayeem Nayeem Nayeem Nayeem 5.1.7z Nayeem 5.2.7z Nayeem Nayeem Nayeem 5.3.7z Nayeem 6.0.7z Nayeem 6.1.7z Nayeem 6.2.7z Nayeem 6.3.7z Nayeem 7.0.7z Nayeem 8.0.7z Nayeem 9.0.7z Nayeem Dev 300516.7z Nayeem tnt 1.0.7z Nayeem tnt src.7z Nayeem4.5.7z Nayeem4.6.7z Nebiyu.1.45.7z Nebiyu1.4.7z Nebiyu1.43.7z Nebiyu1.45.7z Nebula_1.0.7z Nebula_1.5.7z Nebula_2.0.7z Needle.7z needle- Nejmet.7z Nemeton 1.3.7z Nemeton.1.4.7z Nemeton. Nemeton.1.5.7z Nemeton1.7z Nemeton1.2.7z Nemeton1.51.7z NEMO 1.0 BETA.7Z Nemo_V_1_01_beta.7z nemorino 1.0.7z nemorino 1.01.7z nemorino 1.02.7z nemorino 2.00a.7z nemorino 3.00.7z nemorino_2.00.7z Nero.7z Nero_61.7z Nesik.7z Neurone_XIII.7z Neurone_XIX.7z Neurone_XV.7z Neurone_XVIII.7z Neurone_XX.7z Neurone_XXII.7z Neurone_XXIII.7z Neurone_XXIV.7z Neurone_XXV.7z Neurone_XXVI.7z Neurosis.7z Neurosis23.7z NGplay_61.7z NGplay_73.7z NGplay_74.7z NGplay_75.7z NGplay_76.7z NGplay_80.7z NGplay_81.7z NGplay_82.7z NGplay_83.7z NGplay_84b.7z NGplay_85.7z NGplay_86.7z NGplay_9.4.7z NGplay_9.8.7z NGplay_9.83.7z NGplay_9.84.7z NGplay_9.85.7z NGplay_9.86.7z NGplay_9.87_64bit.7z NGplay_9.87b.7z NGplay_90.7z NGplay_92.7z NGplay_93.7z NGplay_95.7z NGplay_96.7z NirvanaChess.7z Nirvanachess 1.1.7z Nirvanachess 1.2.7z Nirvanachess 1.3.7z Nirvanachess 1.5.7z Nirvanachess 1.8.7z Nirvanachess 2.0.7z Nirvanachess 2.0a.7z Nirvanachess 2.1.7z Nirvanachess 2.1c.7z Nirvanachess 2.2.7z Nirvanachess 2.3.7z Nirvanachess1.4.7z Nirvanachess1.6.7z Nirvanachess1.7.7z noragrace1win32.7z NoraGraceV10.7z NoraGraceV20.7z nsvchess.7z NSVChess v0.14.7z Numbit Chess Engine.7z NumBit-B00.7z Numpty@NR.7z Numpty_07pr.7z Numpty_DD.7z Numpty_Recharged.7z 

136 chess engines the letter M - download update

136 chess engines the letter M - download

EnginesMacromix_vb1_0b.7z macromix2_01.7z MADCHESS 1.2.7Z MadChess 2.2.7z MadChess.2.1.7z MadChess-1.3.7z MadChess1.4.7z MadChess-1-0.7z MadChess-1-1.7z MadChess-2-0.7z Madeleine.7z madlenka.7z MagnumChess_v4.00.7z magnumchess-30-(r20)-ja.7z Mainsworthy Super Tourny209 Ex213 Re118.7z Mangopaola_2.0.1.7z MangoPaola4.1.7z Marginal01.7z markovian.7z Marks Mainsworthy Engines & ChessGUI04.7z marquis16.7z Mars_1.1_x64_x86.7z Mars_1.5_AVX_x64.7z Mars_1.6_AVX_x64.7z Mars_1.7_beta_AVX_x64.7z Mars_1_x64.7z Mars_18_all.7z Mars_191_all.7z Mars_2.0_x64.7z Mars_2.1_x64.7z Mars_2.2_x64.7z Mars_2.5_x64.7z Mars_2.6_x64.7z Mars_2.7_x64.7z Mars_2.8_x64.7z Mars_3.1.7z Mars_3.2_x64.7z Mars_3.3_x64.7z Mars_3.31_x64.7z Mars_3.33_x64.7z Mars_3.34_x64.7z Mars_3.35_x64.7z Mars_3.36_x64.7z Mars_3.37_x64.zip Mars_3.38_x64.zip Mars_3.41_x64.7z Mars_3.42_x64.7z Mars_3.5.7z Mars_T34_090545_x64.7z Marvin_130.7z marvin_2.0.0_binaries.7z marvin_2.1.0.7z Matacz-1.4_HT74.7z mateFish_2017-07-04.7z Matrix B3.7z MATRIX C1.7Z Matrix C2.7z MATRIX C2.5.7z MATRIX C3.7z MATRIX C4.7z MATRIX D.7z Maverick 0.51 2013-10-10.7z Maverick 0.60 2015-03-20.7z Maverick 1.0 (2015-04-23).7z Maverick 1.5.7z Maverick 2013-09-15.7z Maverick0.05 2013-08-01.7z Maverick0.11.7z Maverick0.2_2013-08-16.7z maxima2.zip Maxima2-2.0.0-r395(Windows+Linux).7z McBrain 2.6.7z McBrain 2017 v2.5b.7z McBrain_2017_v2.3.7z McBrain_2017_v24a.7z McBrain_2017_v24b.7z McBrain2.1a.7z McBrain21.7z McBrain24_2017_v24.7z McBrainv_2017_v20_win_linux_macos.7z McBrainv2.2.7z mediocre_v0.5.7z MEPHISTO 138d.7z Mephisto Gideon Professional.7z mephisto-138d-uci-setup.7z Merlin- Milady_295.7z Minace1.0.7z Mini Rodent 1.0.7z Minichess.7z minichessai-1.20.7z Minimardi.1.3.7z MiniRoque_2.1_win.7z MinkoChess1_3.7z minnow.7z Mint_23.7z MishasMauler 03 and 05.7z MishasMauler 03 and 05 By eliasgino2007.7z MishasMauler_03and_04_.7z MishasMauler03T.7z MishasMauler05.7z MishasMauler07.7z MishasMauler07T.7z MishasMauler10T.7z MishasMauler11T.7z MishasMauler12T.7z MishasSwooper01.7z MishasSwooper02.7z MishasSwooper06.7z MishasSwooper06 By eliasgino2007.7z misterqueen.zip mizar-30-ja.7z Mobmat903d.7z Mochachess-rev-25(Windows+Linux).7z Monarch(v1.7).7z Monik.7z MonochromeTM.7z Monolith 0.1.7z Monolith 0.2.7z Mooboo_01.7z Moron10.7z Morphy.7z MorphyChess105.7z movei00_8_438.7z Mrchess.7z mscp.7z mscp16h.7z Murka 3.7z Murka_2.7z muse.7z muse64_0951.7z mustang497.7z myrddin-085-ja.7z myrddin-086-ja.7z myrddin087.7z mystery.7z 

50 chess engines the letter W - download update

50 chess engines the letter W - download

Engineswasp 1,25.7z wasp_101-x64.7z wasp_102.7z wasp_2.01.7z wasp_200.7z waxman2010.7z waxman2013.7z waxman2014.7z waxman2016.7z WILDCAT 2.38.7Z WILDCAT 2.55 (WB).7Z WILDCAT 2.67.7Z WILDCAT 4 (WB).7Z WILDCAT 7.7Z WildCat_2_61.7z WildCat_274.7z wildcat_3.7z wildcat_7_14_12.7z WildCat_8.7z WildCat_8_beta.7z WildCat_8_beta_2.7z WildCat_8_beta_3.7z WildCat_8_beta_4.7z WildCat_8_beta_5.7z WildCat234.7z WildCat235.7z WildCat244.7z WildCat266.7z WildCat279.7z WildCat279a.7z WildCat5.7z Wildcat6Old.7z WildCat7Old.7z WildCat8.7z winchen.7z wing-13-00-ja.7z Witz-Alpha21-binary-win32.7z WJChess 1.42.7z wspeirs-chess-001-32-jet-ja.7z wxchenard.7z WyldChess 1.3.7z WyldChess 1.51.7z wyldchess.06.10.2016.7z wyldchess.13.10.2016.7z Wyldchess_13.11.2016.7z wyldchess_2016-10-22.7z wyldchess_4.11.2016.7z WyldChess_v1.2.7z WyldChess_v1.4.7z WyldChess_v1.5.7z 

43 chess engines the letter Z - download update

43 chess engines the letter Z - download

Engines:Z Zaloum RumneyChess Zappa 11_all Zchess.7z Zekharya v1.0.7z Zephyr.7z Zero zeta099a.7z ZetaDva 022.7z Zetadva 0302.7z zeta-dva-0174-ja.7z zeta-dva-0210-ja.7z zetadva0303.7z zetadva0305.7z zeus.7z Zevra v1.1 build 227.7z Zevra v1.2 r246.7z Zevra v1.2.1 r290.7z Zevra v1.4 r426.7z Zevra v1.5 r446.7z zevra_217commit.7z Zevra_v1_0.7z Ziggurat 0.20.7z Ziggurat 0.22.7z Ziggurat V0.22.7z ziggurat0.17.7z Ziggurat0.21.7z ziggy-07-ja.7z zochova-01-ja.7z zoe-01-ja.7z Zotron.7z Zurichess.7z Zurichess appenzeller.7z Zurichess_aargau.7z Zurichess-basel.7z Zurichess-bern.7z Zurichess-fribourg.7z zurichess-geneva.7z Zurichess-glarus.7z zurichess-graubuenden.7z zurichess-jura.7z zurichess-jura_final.7z zurichess-luzern.7z

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Chess engine: SF170810vk

SF170810vk - download

RuFuS r03 wins JCER Swiss Tournament, 2017.08.09 - 2017.08.10

Engine Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1: RuFuS r03 8.5 / 11 11w+ 12b+ 5w+ 4b- 3w= 2b+ 9b+ 6w= 8b= 19w+ 10b+
2: Stockfish 270717 8.0 / 11 16w+ 3b= 7b+ 9w+ 4b= 1w- 12b+ 8w= 6b+ 5w= 14w+
3: McBrain 2.6 8.0 / 11 22b+ 2w= 6b= 15w+ 1b= 4w= 5b= 7b+ 9w= 18w+ 16b+
4: Raubfisch X35c 8.0 / 11 24w+ 10b+ 9b= 1w+ 2w= 3b= 6b= 5w= 17w+ 15b+ 8b=
5: Stockfish 8 64 7.5 / 11 21b+ 8w+ 1b- 16w+ 6b= 7b= 3w= 4b= 11w+ 2b= 15w+
6: Komodo 11.01 6.5 / 11 19b+ 7w= 3w= 14b+ 5w= 8b= 4w= 1b= 2w- 9b+ 18b=
7: Houdini 5.01 6.5 / 11 13w+ 6b= 2w- 17b+ 15b= 5w= 8b= 3w- 14b= 21b+ 19w+
8: Fire 5 6.0 / 11 15w= 5b- 10w+ 19b+ 9b= 6w= 7w= 2b= 1w= 14b= 4w=
9: Fritz 15 6.0 / 11 14b+ 17w+ 4w= 2b- 8w= 16b+ 1w- 11b= 3b= 6w- 23w+
10 PanChess 00.611 6.0 / 11 18w+ 4w- 8b- 13b+ 14w= 11b= 16b= 19w= 20b+ 17w+ 1w-
11 Chiron 4 6.0 / 11 1b- 22w+ 15b- 12w= 19w+ 10w= 13b+ 9w= 5b- 20b= 21w+
12 Roc 0.8 6.0 / 11 20b+ 1w- 16b- 11b= 17w+ 15w+ 2w- 18b= 19b- 23b+ 22w+
13 Alfil 15.8.16 6.0 / 11 7b- 14w- 18w+ 10w- 23b+ 21b+ 11w- 24w+ 15b- 22w+ 20w+
14 Strelka 6 x32 5.5 / 11 9w- 13b+ 20b+ 6w- 10b= 18w= 15b= 22b+ 7w= 8w= 2b-
15 Texel 1.07a6 5.5 / 11 8b= 24b+ 11w+ 3b- 7w= 12b- 14w= 23b+ 13w+ 4w- 5b-
16 Critter 1.6at 5.5 / 11 2b- 21w+ 12w+ 5b- 20b+ 9w- 10w= 17b- 23w+ 24b+ 3w-
17 Booot 6.2 5.5 / 11 23w+ 9b- 19b= 7w- 12b- 20w+ 22w+ 16w+ 4b- 10b- 24w+
18 Arasan 20.2 5.5 / 11 10b- 19w- 13b- 21w+ 22w+ 14b= 23w+ 12w= 24b+ 3b- 6w=
19 Andscacs 0.91 5.0 / 11 6w- 18b+ 17w= 8w- 11b- 24w+ 21b+ 10b= 12w+ 1b- 7b-
20 Cheese 1.9 4.0 / 11 12w- 23b+ 14w- 22b+ 16w- 17b- 24b= 21w+ 10w- 11w= 13b-
21 Ethereal 8.19 3.0 / 11 5w- 16b- 23w+ 18b- 24b+ 13w- 19w- 20b- 22b+ 7w- 11b-
22 Counter 2.0.2 1.5 / 11 3w- 11b- 24b+ 20w- 18b- 23w= 17b- 14w- 21w- 13b- 12b-
23 ProDeo 2.4 1.5 / 11 17b- 20w- 21b- 24w+ 13w- 22b= 18b- 15w- 16b- 12w- 9b-
24 Capivara LK 0.09b02g 0.5 / 11 4b- 15w- 22w- 23b- 21w- 19b- 20w= 13b- 18w- 16w- 17b-

Temp 3' + 3" Hardware: Intel Core i3-3217U CPU 3,9 GB Memory , Windows 10 x64
132 Tournament games, GUI-Arena 3.5.1161.651 JCER games,  until 31.12.201639.509 JCER games (from 01.01.2017)  JCER League
Book: Perfect 2017,     Table created - Scid vs PC