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Sunday, April 17, 2016

First Test chess engine Raubfisch ME262 GTZ4, 15-16.04.2016

01Raubfisch ME262 GTZ4 Frank Karl Werner and Max Fehler300060.0/100· ·· ·· ·· ··
02Raubfisch ME262 GTV2a Frank Karl Werner and Max Fehler30005.0/10==========
02Salt 160329 x64 (c) 2016 Marco Zerbinati31005.0/10=====1==0=
04Anoa 1.3 x64 Celebes Island & BSD31754.5/10========0=
04SF7 BC020316 x64 T. Romstad, M. Costalba, J. Kiiski, G. Linscott32004.5/10======0===
04SugaR 2.0 x64 (c) 2016 Marco Zerbinati32344.5/10========0=
07Stockfish 16032721_snicolet x64Marco Costalba32394.0/10===0===0==
07Nayeem 4.6 x64 Mohamed Nayeem,King Asad31824.0/10=00=======
09Sanjib 3.2 x32 Sanjib Ghosh30003.5/100===0===0=
09Komodo 9.42 x64 Don Dailey, Larry Kaufman, Mark Lefler32053.5/10000=======
11Fizbo1.7 x64 Youri Matiounine29171.5/100=0=0000=0

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