Chess Engine: Ceres 0.95 RC-7

Ceres Release Notes  Minor Enhancements The initialization time to load network files is reduced by 60%, and memory consumption also significantly reduced (for example, by approximately 400mb with a 30b network). The new option "MaxTreeNodes" can be set either in Ceres.json or via UCI interface and limits the maximum total number of physical nodes actually allocated to the specified value (terminating searches if they reach the specified value). A bug with the searchmoves feature (when black was to play) is corrected. Some minor search performance optimizations were made, focused on concurrency efficiency (eliminting some locks and reducing false sharing) yielding about a 3% speedup for large searches on high-end hardware. How to install (Stefan Pohl) Ceres 0.95 RC-7 download

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Chess engine: Black Marlin 2.0 NNUE

Black Marlin - UCI engine, Author: Doruk SEKERCIOGLU Rating CEDR=2868 Black Marlin 2.0 is composed of various improvements in search, a new neural network trained for a longer amount of time and a completely new time management system. Which Binary to Download? (Windows) Before everything, the main branch on GitHub is always the strongest version and is configured to compile for the CPU of the specific machine. Building from source will always give you the strongest possible engine. The binaries require the instructions in their names (e.g. blackmarlin-popcnt-avx2.exe will require popcnt and avx2 instructions). Binaries Ordered by Runtime Performance: AVX512F + POPCNT AVX2 + POPCNT SSE4.2 + POPCNT SSSE3 + POPCNT POPCNT Black Marlin 2.0 download

This is prehistory πŸ™‚ 10 years ago: DeepSaros 2.3e wins 1 League Chess Engines Diary, 11-13.02.2011

This is prehistory πŸ™‚ 10 years ago:  1 League Chess Engines Diary, 11-13.02.2011 Time: 4' +1", Intel Celeron D CPU 3.46GHz with 2,0 GB Memory  Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition x32 GUI: Arena 3.0

Fisherov 0.98i wins CEDR - Fritz 17 Blitz Tournament, 2021.12.05 - 2021.12.06

  Time 5' HP ENVY i-5  i5-8250U 8GB GUI  Fritz 17 Book  Perfect 2021 CEDR 9.278 games 27.11.2021 Table created  Scid vs PC CEDR Test Tournament:   240 games

Chess Engine: Blue Marlin 14.6 NNUE

Rating CEDR=3268 Blue Marlin 14.6 NNUE - download

This is prehistory πŸ™‚ 10 years ago: Rating CEDR (Chess Engines Diary Rating) 28.08.2011

 This is prehistory πŸ™‚ 10 years ago. Chess engines - Rating CEDR 28.08.2011.

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