Sunday, May 19, 2019

Chess engine: BrainFish 190515 and Cerebellum Light 190417

Brainfish - UCI chess engine, JCER Rating=3382

From the author:
Brainfish is a standard Stockfish chess engine extended by a general book format that is capable of handling a reduced part of Cerebellum, which is an innovative chess opening and playing book. In Brainfish, the book moves are only used in engine games, not in analysis mode.

All moves in the published book Cerebellum_light.bin generated by Cerebellum were calculated by using
Stockfish as analysis engine, without using statistics. Then those moves where recalulated by the Cerebellum Library using a graph algorithm that makes all scores in the library consistant. Consistant scores means for example, in case the starting position has a score of 0.2 and a best move is 1.e4, the position after 1.e4 must have the score -0.2. Additionally, some others properties are found, like the best main line of a position and possible Transitions.

Hence, when Brainfish is playing moves that are in the Cerebellum book, it plays like Stockfish regarding the evaluation, only at a much higher skill level. Pondering is only active after the last move out of the book has been played.

BrainFish 1905415 - download

Cerebellum Light 190414 - download

Cerebellum Light 190414Net32930- download

CFish 110519 wins JCER Test Tournament, 2019.05.15 - 2019.05.19

Temp 3' + 3" Intel Core i3-3217U CPU 3,9 GB Memory , Windows 10 x64
364 Tournament games, GUI-Arena 3.5.1,
145.201 JCER games Book: Perfect 2017Table created: Scid vs PC

Best progress: TomitankChess 3.0 +104

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Chess engine: Cfish 2019-05-11

CFish - UCI chess engine, Rating JCER=3420

"CFisha port of Stockfish written in plain C by Ronald de Man, first published on GitHub in July 2016. Possibly inspired by the asmFish project to speed up Stockfish using a programming language closer to the machine, the purpose of CFish is to explore possible optimization issues of C versus C++ compilers" [Chess Programming Wiki].

CFish 2019-05-11 - download

SugaR 1.6.1 wins Best 6 chess engines JCER - Test Tournament, 2019.05.16 - 2019.05.17

Temp 3' + 3" : Intel Core i5-8250U 7,9 GB Mem , 90 Tournament games,
 GUI-Fritz 15,  
145.201 JCER games (01-05-2019) Book: Perfect 2017, Table created - Scid vs PC

Chess engine: Topple 0.6.0

Topple - UCI chess engine. 
Author- Vincent Tang, Rating JCER=2444

Topple progress Rating JCER:

Topple 0.3.6 : 2444
Topple 0.3.5 : 2421
Topple 0.3.4 : 23446
Topple 0.3.3 : 2238

Topple 0.6.0 - download

Chess engines: Axolotl 1.8

Though she be but little, she is fierce UCI compliant chess engine written in Java. Can be played on the command line through the UCI protocol, but best connected to a GUI, such as Arena. 

You will need the latest JRE 11 to run axolotl.
Author: Louis James Mackenzie-Smith

Axolotl 1.8 - download

Corchess 040519 wins JCER Test new chess engines, 2019.05.06 - 2019.05.08

Temp 3' + 3" : Intel Core i5-8250U 7,9 GB Mem , 264 Tournament games,
 GUI-Arena 3.5.1,  
145.201 JCER games (01-05-2019) Book: Perfect 2017, Table created - Scid vs PC

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