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50th Anniversary of CAPEA

CAPEA (Club de Ajedrez Postal Español en Alemania / Spanish Postal Chess Club in Germany) was founded by a group of Spaniards on the 1st January 1971 in Mühlheim am Main (Germany). During all this time, it has permanently been organizing multiple tournaments for its members, including especially 10th Anniversary International Open, 20th Anniversary Open, Live Chess International Tournament of La Pobla de Lillet (Barcelona), 25th Anniversary International Open, and 40th Anniversary International Open. It has also published the magazine Revista Ajedrez Postal CAPEA - a yearbook with many articles, analyses and anecdotes on our modality, as well as an original Calendar.

Following our track record, we are pleased to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2021, and among other events, we will hold two Correspondence Chess Tournaments: CAPEA’s  50th Anniversary Open and CAPEA’s 50th Anniversary Invitational.

CAPEA’s 50th Anniversary Open It is open to all correspondence chess players, regardless of…

Stockfish NNUE 090720 wins JCER-Fritz Tournament, 2020.08.03 - 2020.08.05

Temp 3'+3"Intel Core i5-8250U 7,9 GBGUI Fritz 17Book Perfect 2019All JCER games 114.603Table created Scid vs PCJCER LeagueTournament:182 games

Chess engine: CorChess NNUE 2020-08-09

CorChess is a clone of Stockfish maintained for better performance on long time controls, trying at least partially to fill the gap between regular tests and demands of correspondence players.
Rating JCER=3245

CorChess 2020-08-09 - download

Chess engine: Minic 2.48 (Windows, Android and Linux)

Minic - UCI chess engine (C++ source)
A simple chess engine to learn and play with. Compatible with both winboard and UCI.

Author: Vivien Clauzon  Rating JCER=2919

Minic 2.48 - download

Chess engine: OliThink 5.6.2 (Windows, Linux and Mac)

OliThink is an open-source WB engine by Oliver Brausch
MSYS2/MinGW static builds by T. Poppins
Rating JCER=2730

OliThink 5.6.2 - download

Sting sf 24 - chess engine UCI

Sting sf - UCI chess engine, Author: Marek Kwiatkowski Rating JCER=2858

Sting sf 24 download