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JCER - New Engines Tournament, 2021.04.20-21

  Temp 3'+3" Intel Core i5-1035G1 7,9 GB GUI  Fritz 17 Book  Perfect 2021 All JCER games 94 .482 Table created  Scid vs PC JCER Temp Tournament:   156 games

Match Raubfisch X44f1 - Stockfish 13, 2021.04.19 - 2021.04.20

  Temp 3'+3" Lenovo Ideapad 330, i3-8130U, 12GB GUI  Arena 3.5.1 Book  Perfect 2021 All JCER games 94 .482 Table:  Scid vs PC JCER Test Tournament:   50 games

Dragon 1.0 wins JCER - Swiss Tournament, 2021.04.16-17

  Temp 3'+3" Intel Core i5-8250U 7,9 GB GUI  Fritz 17 Book  Perfect 2021 All JCER games 94 .482 Table created  Scid vs PC JCER Test Tournament:   100 games

Chess Graphical User Interface: Banksia 0.40 (Windows, Mac and Linux)

BanksiaGUI is a freeware chess Graphical User Interface. Changes v 0.40: Fxed bugs: Fixed (almost) freezing problem Crash sometimes when creating a new Lichess bot Improvements/New features:   Analyze a game: can go backward Tournament result: crosstable could show details and long details; set up Elo offset; text result sort by Elo and score Tournament opening: better scheme to select PGN/EDP books; can set depth limit for PGN book Mark the square of in-check King Banksia 0.40 Windows download Banksia 0.40 Linux download Banksia 0.40 Mac download

Chess engine: Bit-Genie 3

Bit-Genie - UCI chess engine, Author: Aryan Parekh Rating JCER=2540 v3. Tune material values 50-move rule draw detection Null-move pruning Late move reductions Reduce transposition entry size, making transposition tables more efficient Bit-Genie 3 download  

Fire 8.1 wins JCER - Experimental Tournament 2021.04.19-20

HP Pavilion, i5-1035G1, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 x64 GUI - Arena, 90 games download