Chess engine: Xiphos 0.3.26

Xiphos - UCI chess engine
Rating JCER=3054, Author: Milos Tatarevic

This project is inspired by Garry Kasparov's "Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins." This fantastic book has evoked my childhood passion, computer chess. I was wondering how hard it could be to develop an engine strong enough to suppress the legendary Deep Blue, so I gave it a try.

Xiphos 0.3.26 - download

Chess engine: Wowl 1.3.5

Wowl - UCI chess engine

Wowl 1.3.5 - download

Godel 4.4.5 - UCI engines (Windows, Linux and book). New version!

Godel - UCI engines
Author - Juan Manuel Vázquez ( Spain), Rating JCER=2626

Godel 4.4.5 - download

Godel runs in 5 League JCER - edition 04/2018

Crafty 25.3 - winboard engines. New version!

Crafty - winboard chess engines
Author - Robert Hyatt (USA), Rating JCER=2800 

Crafty 25.3 download

BrainFish 180913 wins Test New chess engines, 2018.09.16 - 2018.09.18

Temp 3' + 3" Intel Core i3-3217U CPU 3,9 GB Memory , Windows 10 x64
220 Tournament games, GUI-Arena 3.5.1, 100.112 JCER games (from 01.01.2017)Book: Perfect 2017,  Table created: Scid vs PC

Chess engine: asmFish 2018-09-05

asmFish - UCI chess engine 
JCER Rating=3399

This project now uses the new assembler engine fasmg from Tomasz Grysztar. The includes in arm/includes/ or x86/include/ contain instruction and formatting macros for the four popular targets in the Building section. The hello world examples in these directories should provide enough to grasp the syntax.

asmFish 2018-09-05 - download

Chess engine: Scorpio 2.88 mcts

Scorpio - Winboard engines, Rating JCER=2733
Author: Daniel Shawul

Scorpio 2.88 mcts download

Scorpio in 4 League JCER - edition 04/2018