Friday, July 31, 2015

Thursday, July 30, 2015

136 Chess Engines witch I - update

136 engines:
ice_full_v03_2750.7z ice_full_v2_2240.7z Ifrit_m1_7.7z ifrit-m16-ja.7z Igor6test.7z Igor6test2.7z Igorlast.7z Igorrit_0086v.7z Igorrit_0086v samer.7z Igorrit_0086v_Plus.7z Igorrit_0086v_Plus samer.7z Igorrit_0086v2.7z Igorrit_0086v2 samer.7z Igorrit_0086v4_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_1t.7z Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_2t.7z Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_fix.7z Igorrit_0086v6_x64_3t.7z Igorrit_0086v6_x64_RBw.7z Igorrit_0086v7_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v7_x64.7z Igorrit_0086v8_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v8_x64.7z Igorrit_0086v9_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v9_x64.7z Igorrit0.086v4x64v2.7z Igorrit-0.086v6fixed.7z Igorrit-0.086v6fixedPeterpan and Sentinel.7z Igorrit-0.086v6ShortNames.7z Igorrit-0.086v6ShortNames Peterpan.7z Igorrit-0.086v6w32added.7z Igorrit0.086w32VS2008.7z Igorrit0.086w32VS2008 Peterpan.7z Igorrit-0[1].086v6_Sentinel.7z Igorrit-0[1].086v6fix.7z Igorrit086v4_x64_bs.7z Igorrit086v5_x64_bs.7z Igorritv086v6Mingw64.7z Igorritv4x64v3.7z Igorritx64windows.7z iichess_r19_ ja.7z Ildtiadar0.9f.7z Inmichess.7z Insomniac.7z Insomniac 0.69 wb Fixed for IntelliChess 1.0.7z Inuyasha v1.00.7z Ipp3264.7z IPPOLIT.7Z ippolit (2).7z Ippolit 0.080.7z IPPOLIT 0.080a x64 1Gb.7z Ippolit 0080d x64 hpv.7z Ippolit 1.7z Ippolit Popcint.7z Ippolit_b3_all.7z Ippolit0.080a x64 Popcnt.7z Ippolit0080b_w32_bs.7z Ippolit0080b_x64_bs.7z Ippolit0080b2_x64.7z Ippolit0080c_w32_bs.7z Ippolit0080d_all_bs.7z Ippolit2_091.7z ippolit64.7z iq23v003.7z Ivan4-C1-7c.7z IvanHoe 46e x64.7z IvanHoe 46e x64 SSE4.2.7z IvanHoe 46ei x64.7z IvanHoe 46ei x64 SSE4.2.7z IvanHoe 47c GH.7z IvanHoe 50kQ x64 SSE4.2.7z Ivanhoe 999946f.7z Ivanhoe B46fb.7z Ivanhoe B46fD x64.7z Ivanhoe B47cA.7z Ivanhoe B47cB.7z Ivanhoe B47d.7z Ivanhoe B47e.7z Ivanhoe B47f0.2.7z Ivanhoe B50kBgx64.7z Ivanhoe B52aB.7z IvanHoe M48n By Chessengine.7z IvanHoe T0.4 beta.7z IvanHoe T0.4 beta2.7z IvanHoe T0.4.1.7z IvanHoe T0.5.2.7z IvanHoe T0. IvanHoe T0.7 x64 MODE_GAME.7z IvanHoe T49j2.7z IvanHoe T55.7z IvanHoe.x64.VE.f.7z IvanHoe_0B.09.17.7z IvanHoe_46h3.7z IvanHoe_57_x64.7z IvanHoe_57a4_JR.7z IvanHoe_999948i.7z IvanHoe_999953.7z Ivanhoe_B46fC.7z Ivanhoe_B46fE_02.7z IvanHoe_Beta_999946h6_Tr.7z IvanHoe_v73_w32.7z IvanHoe_v81_w32.7z Ivanhoe1945a.7z IvanHoe46h.7z IvanHoe49BetaWH03.7z IvanHoe52fUS-beta.7z IvanHoe52iUTM0.7z IvanHoe63Mod.7z IvanHoe63Mod5 all.7z IvanHoe999946a.7z IvanHoe999946e.7z IvanHoe999946h.7z IvanHoe999946hWHM19.7z IvanHoe999947c.7z IvanHoe999949j.7z IvanHoe999950h.7z IvanHoe999950k.7z IvanHoe999950t.7z IvanHoe999987.7z IvanhoeB46fE.02x64.7z IvanhoeB49jA.7z IvanhoeB49jA1CPU.7z IvanhoeB50kA.7z IvanhoeB50kB.7z ivanhoeb52ab&ivanhoe63mod12dR.7z IvanhoeB52aE.7z IvanhoeB52aF.7z Ivanhoe-B55mPP.7z IvanHoe-B57d_whm01.7z IvanhoeBeta.7z IvanHoe-Beta-999952a-Beta.7z IvanHoe-Beta-999964-Beta.7z IvanHoe-G 9.47c x64.7z IvanHoe-T Ghost4.7z last Igorrit (v9).7z

Stockfish 15072919voyager - new development version very strong chess engine UCI

Stockfish - chess engines UCI

Previous version chess engine Stockfish 

Author compilation - Voyager One


 Stockfish 15072919voyager

Firenzina 2.4.3 wins JCER Test Tournament Chess Engines, 2015.07.28 - 2015.07.29

90 games download,   TEMP: 3' + 3"
Hardware: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz z 3,9 GB system: Windows 8.1 64 bit  GUI-Arena 3.5
Book: Perfect 2015  Table created with: Scid vs PC

90 Chess Engines witch H - update

90 engines:
hagrid0.7.56.7z Hakkapeliitta 2.0.7z Hakkapeliitta Hakkapeliitta dev 63.7z HAMSTERS HAMSTERS 0.2.7Z HAMSTERS 0.3.7Z HAMSTERS 0.4.7Z HAMSTERS 0.5.7Z HAMSTERS 0.5 MAC.7Z HAMSTERS 0.6.7Z HAMSTERS 0.6 MAC.7Z HAMSTERS 0.7.1 MAC.7Z HAMSTERS 0.7.2 dev1.7z Hamsters_0.7.1.7z HANNIBAL 1.0.7Z HANNIBAL 1.0a.7z Hannibal_1.3.7z hannibal_v1.1.7z Hannibal1.2.7z Hannibal1.4.7z Hannibal1.4a.7z Hannibal1.4b.7z Hannibal1.5.7z haskak-01-ja.7z HeavyChess.7z heracles0616.7z heretic0.3.7z Hermann28.7z Hermann28x64.7z Heron impossible 140214.7z Heron impossible 280814 X64.7z hippocampe041.7z hoichess-0.3.5-win32.7z Holmes.7z homer.7z Hoplite.7z hoplite- Horizon.7z HOUDINI 1.0.7Z Houdini 1.01.7z Houdini 1.02.7z HOUDINI 1.03.7Z Houdini 1.03a.7z HOUDINI 1.05.7Z HOUDINI 1.05a.7z HOUDINI 1.5a T3.7z houdini 6 cpu.7z houdini 6 cpu fixed.7z Houdini X86 and x64 8CPU By eliasgino2007.7z Houdini_103_w32_1CPU.7z Houdini_103_x64_1CPU.7z Houdini_103_x64_2CPU.7z Houdini_103a.7z Houdini_103a_w32_1CPU.7z Houdini_103a_x64_1CPU.7z Houdini_103a_x64_2CPU.7z Houdini_103a_x64_LOCKLESS_8CPU.7z Houdini_15.7z Houdini_15a.7z Houdini_15a_w32_p2.exe.7z Houdini_15a_x64_op.7z Houdini_15a_x64_p2.7z Houdini_DEVEL_x64_8_CPU.7z Houdini_DEVEL-V1_x64_8_CPU.7z Houdini_DEVEL-V2_x64_8_CPU.7z Houdini_w32_1CPU.7z Houdini_w32_1CPU (Old Buggy).7z Houdini_w32_1CPU_1.01.7z Houdini_w32_2CPU.7z Houdini_w32_2CPU (Old Buggy).7z Houdini_w32_4CPU.7z Houdini_w32_64_4CPU.7z Houdini_w32_8CPU.7z Houdini_w32_8CPU (Old Buggy).7z Houdini_x64_1CPU.7z Houdini_x64_1CPU (Old Buggy).7z Houdini_x64_2CPU.7z Houdini_x64_2CPU (Old Buggy).7z Houdini_x64_4CPU.7z Houdini_x64_8CPU.7z Houdini_x64_8CPU (Old Buggy).7z Houdini_x64_8CPU-patched.7z Houdini_x64_POPCNT_4CPU.7z Houdini_x64_POPCNT_8CPU.7z Hussar_v0.4.7z hustle 5.01.7z Hydra.7z

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sugar 5.4b - strong chess engine. New version

Sugar - UCI chess engine

Author - Marco Zerbinati    
Previous version chess engine Sugar 

Sugar 5.4b download

Stockfish 15072919 - new development version very strong chess engine UCI

Stockfish - chess engines UCI

Previous version chess engine Stockfish 

Author compilation - Alain Savard


 Stockfish 15072919

132 Chess Engines witch G - update

132 engines: gaia3.0.7z Gandalf6.0.7z garbochess.7z garbochess-3-ja.7z Gargamella.7z Gaviota 1.0.7z gaviota- gaviota-0.85-windows.7z Gaviota0.86.7z gchess4.7z Gedeone.7z Genesis.7z Gerbil.7z GerbilKM_02_ja.7z ges-132-ja.7z Ghost.7z Ghost2.0.2.7z ghost2_win32_v2_0_1.7z Gibbon-2.52a.7z Gibbon-2.57a.7z Gibbon-2.60a.7z GiuChess-1.0.7z giuchess-10-beta2-ja.7z gk-090-ja.7z Glass 1.8.7z glass_1.9.7z Glass2_distrib.7z Glaurung22.7z GlaurungLodz2007.7z Glc.7z glc300-nobook.7z Gnuchess-5.07.174b.7z gnuchess-5.07.175b.7z gnuchess-5.50.7z gnuchess- gnuchess- gnuchess-602-win32-ja.7z Godel_2.3.7_x32_Windows.7z Godel_2.3.7_x64_Windows.7z Godel_3.4.9.7z Gogobello_0.6.7z gogobello_07_x64.7z gogobello-0.03.7z gogobello-0.041.7z gogobello-0.05.7z Gojemat 6.6.1.b01.7z Gojemat 7.1.b12.7z Gojemat66b01.7z gopher_check.7z gosu.7z Gothmog.7z GRAPEFRUIT 1.7Z GRAPEFRUIT 1.0 32cpu-dm.7z GRAPEFRUIT 1.0 ALPHA 1.7Z GRAPEFRUIT 1.0 ALPHA 2.7Z GRAPEFRUIT 1.0 AP.7Z GRAPEFRUIT 1.0 BETA.7Z grapefruit_10alpha3_ja_(gcc4).7z GrapeFruit10b_noegbbbugs.7z Greko 10.3.1_x64.7z Greko_12.1_DanielJose_x64.7z GreKo_12.1_NormanSchmidt_x64.7z greko_12.5_DJ_x64.7z greko-10.0.7z greko-10.2.7z greko-10.3.7z greko-10.3 x64.7z greko-12.0.7z greko-12.1.7z greko-12.5.7z greko-9.2.7z greko- greko-9.8.7z greko-97-ja.7z Gringo.7z Grizzly207.7z Gromit.7z Gromit382.7z GULL 0.3.7Z Gull 001.7z Gull 010.7z Gull 011.7z Gull 011a.7z Gull 012.7z Gull 012a.7z Gull 013 beta 2 GOS.7z Gull 013 beta GOS.7z Gull 02.7z Gull 04.7z Gull 05.7z Gull 06.7z Gull 07.7z Gull 08.7z Gull 09.7z Gull 1_0.7z Gull 1_0a.7z Gull 1_1.7z Gull 1_2.7z Gull 2.1.7z Gull 2.2.7z Gull 2.3.7z Gull 2.8 beta.7z Gull 2.9 alpha.7z Gull 3.7z GULL II 07162012.7Z GULL II beta 2.7z Gull IIb Qi x64 SSE4.2.7z GULL ll.7z GULL ll 12202012.7z Gull R375.7z Gull R600 64bit.7z Gull_ 3_syzygy Gull_II_beta2_x64_sse42_tr2.7z Gull_II_R321_Trap_x64.7z gull-II-beta2-64-ja.7z Gully.7z Gunborg0.41.7z Gunborg0.51.7z gunborg-1.0.7z NEUROGRAPE 1.1.7Z

Don 140715 wins JCER Test Tournament, Chess engines, 2015.07.28

90 games download,   TEMP: 3' + 3"
Hardware: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz z 3,9 GB system: Windows 8.1 64 bit  GUI-Arena 3.5
Book: Perfect 2015  Table created with: Scid vs PC

158 Chess Engines witch F - update

158 engines: Fafis28.7z Faile.7z fairymax.7z fairymax4.8.7z FAUCE 0.41c.7z FF258_SSE2.7z FF258_x64.7z Fimbulwinter.7z fimbulwinter-5.04-ja.7z Fire 1.31.7z fire 1.31 DC.7z Fire 1.4full.7z Fire 2.2 Phoenix1 w32.7z Fire 2.2 SK94z.7z Fire 2.2 xTreme full.7z Fire_12_w32.7z Fire_13_w32_KLO.7z Fire_13_w32_KLO_popcnt.7z Fire_13_w32_NS.7z Fire_13_w32_NS_no_SSE2.7z Fire_13_x64_KLO.7z Fire_13_x64_KLO_popcnt.7z Fire_132_w32_NS.7z Fire_14_xTreme_beta_w32_NS.7z Fire_15_xTreme_w32_no_SSE2_NS.7z Fire_15_xTreme_w32_NS.7z Fire_15_xTreme_x64_PP.7z Fire_21_xTreme_w32_NS.7z Fire_22_xTreme.7z Fire_22_xTreme_no_SSE2_w32_NS.7z Fire_22_xTreme_NS_x64_2014.7z Fire_22_xTreme_source.7z Fire_22_xTreme_w32_NS.7z Fire_22_xTreme_x64_GH.7z Fire_22_xTreme_x64_PP.7z Fire_3.0.7z Fire_4.7z Fire2.1_xTreme.7z Fire22_Tr4_x32_LP.7z Fire22_Tr4_x32_SSE42_LP.7z Fire22_Tr4_x64_LP.7z Fire22_Tr4_x64_SSE42_LP.7z Fire22_trap_2012.7z Fire22_trap_II_2012.7z Fire22_Trap_II_intel_x64_SSE42.7z Fire22_Trap_III_x32.7z Fire22_Trap_III_x32_SSE42.7z Fire22_Trap_III_x64.7z Fire22_Trap_III_x64_SSE42.7z Fire22_trap_x64.7z Fire22_trap_x64_intel_sse42.7z FireBird_1.2.7z FireBird_10_beta_w32.7z FireBird_10_beta_w32_noSSE2.7z FireBird_10_beta_x64.7z FireBird_10_w32.7z FireBird_10_w32_no_SSE2.7z FireBird_10_x64.7z FireBird_101_w32.7z FireBird_101_w32_no_SSE2.7z FireBird_101_x64.7z FireBird_11_w32.7z FireBird_11_w32_in.7z FireBird_11_w32_ms.7z FireBird_11_w32_ms_k.7z FireBird_11_w32_no_SSE2_k.7z FireBird_11_w32_no_SSE2_NS.7z FireBird_11_w32_NS.7z FireBird_11_x64_in.7z FireBird_11_x64_in_popcnt.7z FireBird_11_x64_ms.7z FireBird_11_x64_ms_popcnt.7z FireBird_11_x64_ms_s.7z FireBird_12_w32.7z FireBird_12_w32_new_SMP.7z FireBird_12_w32_no_SSE2.7z FireBird_12_x64.7z FireBird_12_x64_new_SMP.7z FireBird_12_x64_new_SMP_popcnt_KLO.7z FireBirdx64_I7.7z FireFly 2.58.7z FireFly2.5.12.7z FireFly2.6.7z FireFly2.7.7z FireFly2513_SSE2.7z Firenzina 2.4.2-osx.7z Firenzina_2-2-2_xTreme.7z Firenzina_2-2-2_xTreme_popcnt_sse4-2_intel13_MT_SGVAD_LP_x64.7z Firenzina_2-2-2_xTreme_popcnt_sse4-2_intel13_MT_SGVAD_x64.7z Firenzina_2-2-2_xTreme_x64.7z Firenzina_2-3-1_xTreme.7z Firenzina_2-4_xTreme_x64_popcnt_sse4-2_Intel_2013-12-12.7z Firenzina_2-4-1_xTreme_x64_popcnt_sse4-2_Intel_2014-01-19.7z Firenzina_2-4-2_xTreme_x64_popcnt_sse4-2_Intel.7z Firenzina_2-4-3_xTreme_x64_popcnt_sse4-2_Intel_2014-01-27.7z Fischerle_0_9_30b_x64.7z Fischerle_0_9_50_64_or_32.7z Fischerle_0_9_60_64_or_32.7z Fischerle_0_9_61_64_or_32.7z Fizbo1.3.7z Fizbo1.31.7z fizbo11x64.7z fizbo11x64_no_pc.7z fizbo12x64.7z Flip4IT.7z flybyknight- Fortress_162.7z frank_058.7z franmad019.7z Frenzee_v3.5.19.7z Frenzze.7z Freyr 1.067.7z freyr-1069-ja.7z Fried Shark 141107.7z Fried Shark 141124.7z FRUIT 051103 MAC.7Z FRUIT 061115.7Z FRUIT 061201.7Z FRUIT 061218.7Z FRUIT 061225 (UCI).7Z FRUIT 1.0 (UCI).7Z FRUIT 1.5.7Z FRUIT 2.0.7Z fruit 2.1.7z FRUIT 2.2.7Z FRUIT 2.2 MAC.7Z FRUIT 2.2.1 MAC.7Z FRUIT 2.3.7Z FRUIT LINUX.7Z FRUIT MAC.7Z FRUIT SWF.7Z fruit051103.7z Fruit-051103.7z Fruit061017ax.7z Fruit061017ay.7z Fruit-061115a.7z Fruit-061115b.7z Fruit061201a.7z Fruit061201b.7z Fruit061218a.7z Fruit061218b.7z Fruit070110a.7z Fruit070126.7z Fruit070327.7z Fruit2.2.1.7z Fruit-2-3-1-Win.7z Fruit233f.7z FRUITFLY 1.1.7Z FRUITFLY r1.7z FRUITII 040807 PER (UCI).7Z Fruit-Reloaded.7z Fruit-reloaded-Dann Corbit Win64 fusch_01_03.7z fusch_01_06.7z fusch_01_07.7z fusch_01_08.7z fusch_01_09.7z

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bouquet 1.8 wins JCER Test Tournament chess engines, 2015.07.27 - 2015.07.28

90 games download,   TEMP: 3' + 3"
Hardware: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz z 3,9 GB system: Windows 8.1 64 bit  GUI-Arena 3.5
Book: Perfect 2015  Table created with: Scid vs PC

51 Chess Engines witch E - update

51 engines:  Eagle.7z ecce_1.7z ece1201.7z edax.4-3.7z Eden.7z eden-0013-ja.7z eeyore_152_x32.7z Eia_v0_3.7z Electro Electro_1a.7z Elektro 1.0.7z Elektro-11a-UCI.7z Elektro-11c-UCI.7z Elephant.7z elf130.7z Embracer.7z Engine X.7z EnginMax_516.7z enigma.7z Equinox 2.02 x64.exe.7z Equinox 3.20-x64.7z Equinox 3.30.7z Esc.7z et_chess.7z et_chess_130108.7z Etude_012.7z eveann167.7z eveann170.7z eveann171.7z eveann171a.7z eveann172.7z EvolChess.7z exacto-0.d.7z exacto-0.e.7z ExCE_r118.7z ExCE_r167.7z Excelsior_232b.7z EXchess_v6.50.7z EXchess_v6.70.7z EXchess_v7.01.7z EXchess_v7.02beta.7z EXchess_v7.03.7z EXchess_v7.11.7z EXchess_v7.17.7z EXchess_v7.17_gui.7z EXchess_v7.18.7z EXchess_v7.26.7z EXchess_v7.31.7z EXchess_v7.51.7z

Stockfish 15072418 - new development version very strong chess engine UCI

Stockfish - chess engines UCI

Previous version chess engine Stockfish 

Author compilation - Mstembera


 Stockfish 15072418

150 Chess Engines witch D - update

150 engines: dabbaba-567-ja.7z dabbaba-652-ja.7z Dabbaba749.7z damas9.7z DamirsPositionalPlayer01.7z DamirsPositionalPlayer02.7z DamirsPositionalPlayer04.7z DamirsRybkaKiller25.7z DamirsRybkaKiller26.7z DamirsRybkaKiller27.7z DamirsRybkaKiller28.7z DamirsRybkaKiller29.7z DamirsRybkaKiller30.7z DamirsRybkaKiller36.7z DamirsRybkaKiller42.7z DamirsRybkaKiller42time.7z DamirsRybkaKiller42timeRR.7z DamirsRybkaKiller49.7z DamirsRybkaKiller51.7z DamirsRybkaKiller53.7z DamirsRybkaKiller54.7z DamirsRybkaKiller55.7z DamirsRybkaKiller56.7z DamirsRybkaKiller60.7z DamirsRybkaKiller61.7z DamirsRybkaKiller68 + src.7z DamirsRybkaKiller69.7z DamirsRybkaKiller73.7z DamirsRybkaKiller74.7z DamirsRybkaKiller75.7z DamirsRybkaKiller77.7z danasah466.7z danasah5.7z danasah506.7z danasah507.7z DanaSahz 0.4b.7z Danchess.7z Darky_05d.7z Darmenios 0.4.7z daydreamer-175-binaries.7z Dchess.7z Deep Matrix 3000.7z Deep Sjeng c't 2010.7z Deep Tactico 2011 Pro X64.7z DeepFishMZ 1.0.7z DeepfishMZ v3.0 32-64.7z deepsaros.7z DeepSaros 2.5.7z DeepSaros_eXp-6h.7z DeepSaros_eXp-rev5.7z DeepSaros_eXp-rev6.7z DeepSaros2.3j.7z DeepSaros23c3.7z deepsaros23d.7z deepsaros23d1.7z deepsaros23d2.7z DeepSaros23e.7z DeepSaros23e1.7z DeepSaros23e2.7z DeepSaros23f.7z DeepSaros23f1.7z DeepSaros23gs.7z DeepSaros23h.7z DeepSaros23hT.7z DeepSaros23hT-32bits.7z DeepSaros23i.7z DeepSaros-23iT.7z DeepSaros-23j.7z DeepSaros23se.7z DeepSaros25.7z DeepSaros25a2.7z DeepSaros25c.7z DeepSaros3.7z DeepSaros31_Distro.7z DeepSaros31a_Distro.7z DeepSaros32.7z DeepSaros33b.7z DeepSaros35a.7z DeepSaros4.0.7z DeepSaros411.7z DeepSaros412.7z DeepSaros413.7z DeepSaros413a.7z DeepSaros413b.7z DeepSaros413c.7z DeepSaros416.7z DeepSaros-G-2.3f.7z DefeoB007.Alfa08.EvalDefeoB006.7z Delfi.7z Delphil_2.9d.7z Delphil_2.9g.7z Delphil_2.9gx64.7z Delphil_3.7z Delphil_3.1.7z Delphil_3.2.7z Delphil2_9e.7z dendron_042_ja.7z DesasterArea-1.54.7z Deuterium v11. deuterium v12.01.30.1070.7z Deuterium v13. Deuterium v14. Deuterium v14. Deuterium v14. diablo-051-ja.7z Diep_20.7z Dirty05SEP2012.7z Dirty08APR2013.7z Dirty20APR2013.7z Dirty23MAR2012.7z Dirty25AUG2011.7z DiscoCheck DiscoCheck_35.7z Discocheck_4.2.1.7z Discocheck_5.0.1.7z DiscoCheck4.01.7z discocheck-43-ja.7z DiscoCheck5.2.7z DiscoCheck5.21.7z DiscoCheck501x32TM.7z Djinn.7z Djinn0.992.7z Djinn1.006.7z Djinn1.010.7z djinn1007_w32.7z djinn1008.7z Djinn1021.7z djinn967.7z djinn971.7z djinn979.7z doch-134-ja.7z doch-13-ja.7z dokchess-01-ja.7z DON 020115.7Z DON 050914a.7z DON 060914.7z DON 1.0b.7z DON 110315.ZIP DON 131214.7z Dorky4.3allversion.7z DoubleCheck_27.7z doublecheck-33-ja.7z dragon_443_uci.7z Drunkenmaster.7z

Stockfish 15072418 wins JCER Lenovo test chess engines, 2015.07.27 - 2015.07.28

60 games download, Temp 3' + 3", Hardware: Intel) Core(TM) i7-4710MQ CPU @ 2.50GHz  8 cores
7,9 GB Memory, Operating system: Windows 8.1 64 bit, GUI: Arena 3.5   Table created with: Scid vs PC 

Monday, July 27, 2015

176 Chess Engines witch C - update

176 engines: caligula07b.7z Capivara LK 0.08b04.7z Capivara LK 007s2.7z CapivaraLK008a11.7z CapivaraLK008a11a.7z CapivaraLK008a12.7z CapivaraLK008b01.7z CapivaraLK008b09.7z CapivaraLK008b10beta.7z CapivaraLK008b10beta_61-90.7z CapivaraLK008b11beta13.7z CapivaraLK008b12beta13.7z CapivaraLK009a01.7z CapivaraLK009a01b.7z CapivaraLK009a02c.7z CapivaraLK009b02c.7z CapivaraLK009b02d.7z CapivaraLK009b02e.7z CapivaraLK009b02f.7z Carballo 0.9.7z carballo-05-jet-ja.7z carballo-08-ja.7z cassandre-026-ja.7z CaveChess-0.1.7z CaveChess-0.3.7z Cecir.7z cefap_06_wb.7z Celes 0.75c.7z Celes v0.77c.7z cerebro_303d.7z ChadsChess.7z Chaturanga243.7z Cheese cheese_14_64.7z Cheese1.5.7z Cheese-1.6.7z Cheese-161.7z chenard.7z Chenard Chenard23.02.2013.7z cheng3_uci_v1.07.7z cheng4_035.7z cheng4_035a.7z cheng4_036.7z cheng4_036a.7z cheng4_036c.7z cheng4_038.7z cheops-1.1uci.7z cheoss-0649-ja.7z chess4_1.0.1j.7z Chess41a.7z chess4j.7z chess4j-01-ja.7z chess4j- chess4j-1.2.7z Chesser 1.9.7z Chesser 2.0.7z ChessKISS_bin_15a.7z ChessKISS_bin_17.7z ChessMaude.7z ChessMind 0.80.7z chess-one-201-ja.7z Chessrikus.7z ChestUCI_V52.7z Chezzz.7z Chispa.7z Chop.7z chop1099.7z Chronos 199.7z Cilian.7z Cinnamon_1.0.7z Cinnamon_1.1b.7z Cinnamon_1.1c.7z Cinnamon_1.2a.7z cinnamon_win_1.2b.7z cinnamon-11-ja.7z claudia_02.7z CLONKA Clubfoot Clueless_10.7z ClusterToga-14b5c-ja.7z Cmcchess_V2.5_x86_win32.7z coiled_0.2b.7z coiled0.1a.7z Colchess.7z COLOSSUS 2006f.7z COLOSSUS 2007a.7z COLOSSUS 2007b.7z COLOSSUS 2007d.7z COLOSSUS X DOS.7Z colossus2006a.7z colossus2006b.7z colossus2006c.7z colossus2006d.7z colossus2006e.7z Colossus2007c.7z colossus2008a.7z colossus2008b.7z Comet.7z Complete Mainsworthy chess engines And GUI.7z ComStock ComStock 1.0.2 XP.7z COMSTOCK 1.0.2bx.7z ComStock_3.7z ComStock1.0.2a.7z ComStock1.0.2b.7z Conqueror.7z Conqueror 1.2.7z cpw1.1.7z CRAB 1.0.7Z CRAB 1.0 BETA.7Z crab_PGO.7z crab-x64_PGO.7z crafty-23.5-64bit.7z crafty-23.6.7z crafty-23.6_x64.7z crafty-23.7-x64-nosse42.7z crafty-23.7-x64-sse42.7z crafty-23.8.7z Crafty-23.8-builds2.7z crafty-234-ja.7z crafty-236-ja.7z Crafty24.7z crafty-24.0-x64.7z crafty-24.1.7z CRITTER 0.42.7Z CRITTER 0.52.7Z CRITTER 0.52a.7z CRITTER 0.52b.7z CRITTER 0.60.7Z CRITTER Critter_0.34_win32.7z Critter_0.36_win32.7z Critter_0.37_win32.7z Critter_0.38_win32.7z Critter_0.39_win32.7z Critter_0.39a_win32.7z Critter_0.40_win32.7z Critter_0.70.7z Critter_0.80.7z Critter_0.90.7z Critter_1.0.7z Critter_1.01.7z Critter_1.2_allversion.7z Critter_1.2_win.7z Critter_1.4.7z critter_1.4_win_fixed.7z critter_1.4_win2.7z Critter_1.4a_64bit_sse4.7z Critter1.6.7z Critter1.6a.7z Crux.7z cuckoochess-111-ja.7z Cupcake-10.7z cupcake-11a-ja.7z Cyberpagno.7z cyclone xTreme.7z cyrano0.6b17.7z OPENCRITTER OPENCRITTER

BlackMamba 2.0 wins JCER Test Tournament Chess Engines, 2015.07.26 - 2015.07.27

90 games download,   TEMP: 3' + 3"
Hardware: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz z 3,9 GB system: Windows 8.1 64 bit  GUI-Arena 3.5
Book: Perfect 2015  Table created with: Scid vs PC

Sunday, July 26, 2015

90 Chess Engines witch B - update

90 engines: Babychess.7z bagatur-13a-32-ja.7z BagaturEngine.1.3.7z Barbarossa0.1.7z Barbarossa- Baron.7z Beaches20v232.7z bearded_v44.5.7z BELKA BELKA BELKA Belka_1_8_11.7z Belka_1_8_12.7z Belka_1_8_16.7z Belka_1_8_19.7z Belka_1_8_20.7z Belka_1_8_22.7z Belka_1_8_7.7z Belka_1_8_8.7z Belka_1_8_9_0.7z Belka_2_0_0.7z Belofte.7z Beluga 141207.7z Beluga 150103.7z Belzebub_067.7z Beowulf.7z Beowulf 2.3 b5.1.7z BeRoChess32.7z BeRoChess64.7z Bestia.7z Betsabe II 1.47.7z Betsabe II betsabe-II-122-ja.7z betsabe-II-130-ja.7z Betsy.7z BigLion.7z bismark_1.4.7z Bison 8.1.18s.7z Bison 8.1.24p.7z Bison 8.1.28p.7z Bison 8.1.28v.7z BISON 8.2.4r.7z Bison 9.11.7z BISON 9.6.7Z Bison 9.6n.7z Bison 9.8.7z Bison9.11.x64.7z BlackBishof.7z BlackMamba1.2.7z BlackMamba10.7z BlackMamba12b.7z BlackMamba12c.7z BlackMamba14.7z BlackMamba2.0.7z Blikskottel.7z BlitzKibitz-r20.7z Blunderer1.1.7z bobcat_v3.25.7z Bodo.7z booot5_2_0_bin.7z BorodinoChess 1.0 32-bit.7z Bouquet_1.5.7z Bouquet_1.6.7z bouquet_beta.1.7.7z Bouquet1.4.7z Bouquet1.8.7z Brama.7z BremboCE.7z Bremboce062.7z BRIGHT 0.1d.7z BRIGHT 0.2c (UCI).7z BRIGHT 0.3a.7z BRIGHT 0.4a.7z BRIGHT 0.4a2.7z BRIGHT 0.4a3.7z Bright-0.5c.7z Bringer_19.7z bruja-191-ja.7z Brutus8_05.7z bsc3.9.7z bubble15.7z bugchess2_19.7z butcher 1.61win32.7z Butterly0.5.7z

Stockfish 070615 wins JCER Swiss Tournament, 2015.07.25 - 2015.07.26

JCER Swiss Tournament, 2015.07.25 - 2015.07.26

Games download

Engines Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 +/-/=
1: Stockfish 070615 x64 9.0 / 11 21w+ 3b= 8b= 12w+ 4w+ 2b= 6b= 5w+ 11w+ 18b+ 13w+ (+7 -0 =4)
2: Komodo 9.02 x64 8.0 / 11 20w+ 6b+ 12w+ 4b= 13w+ 1w= 11b+ 3w= 5b= 7b= 10b= (+5 -0 =6)
3: SugaR 5.4a x64 7.5 / 11 7b+ 1w= 5b= 8w+ 6b- 13w+ 12w+ 2b= 4b= 11w+ 9b= (+5 -1 =5)
4: Gull 3 x64 7.5 / 11 15b+ 11w+ 13w= 2w= 1b- 18b+ 5b= 9w+ 3w= 6b+ 7b= (+5 -1 =5)
5: Critter 1.6a x64 7.0 / 11 17b+ 8w= 3w= 11b= 16b+ 6w= 4w= 1b- 2w= 14b+ 19w+ (+4 -1 =6)
6: Houdini 4 x64 7.0 / 11 18w+ 2w- 9b= 20b+ 3w+ 5b= 1w= 11b= 15b+ 4w- 16b+ (+5 -2 =4)
7: Equinox 3.30 x64 6.0 / 11 3w- 15w+ 21b+ 13b= 11w- 14b= 9b- 16w+ 8b+ 2w= 4w= (+4 -3 =4)
8: Deep Rybka 4.1 x64 6.0 / 11 19w+ 5b= 1w= 3b- 14w= 12b= 18w= 17b= 7w- 23b+ 20b+ (+3 -2 =6)
9: Chiron 2 64bit 6.0 / 11 24w+ 13b- 6w= 10w= 20b+ 11b- 7w+ 4b- 14w= 12b+ 3w= (+4 -3 =4)
10: Elektro 2.0 x64 6.0 / 11 12b- 24w+ 11w- 9b= 17w= 22b= 20b= 19w= 23w+ 15b+ 2w= (+3 -2 =6)
11: Fire 4 x64 5.5 / 11 22w+ 4b- 10b+ 5w= 7b+ 9w+ 2w- 6w= 1b- 3b- 17b= (+4 -4 =3)
12: Texel 1.05 x64 5.5 / 11 10w+ 14b+ 2b- 1b- 15w+ 8w= 3b- 18w= 13b= 9w- 24b+ (+4 -4 =3)
13: BlackMamba 2.0 x64 5.5 / 11 23w+ 9w+ 4b= 7w= 2b- 3b- 14w- 22b+ 12w= 20w+ 1b- (+4 -4 =3)
14: Hannibal 1.5 x64 5.5 / 11 16w= 12w- 17b+ 18b= 8b= 7w= 13b+ 15w- 9b= 5w- 22w+ (+3 -3 =5)
15: vajolet2 2.0x64 pop 5.5 / 11 4w- 7b- 24b+ 21w+ 12b- 19b+ 16w= 14b+ 6w- 10w- 23b+ (+5 -5 =1)
16: Zappa Mexico II x64 5.5 / 11 14b= 23b+ 18w= 19b= 5w- 21w= 15b= 7b- 24w+ 22b+ 6w- (+3 -3 =5)
17: Nirvanachess 2.1c
5.5 / 11 5w- 19b= 14w- 22b= 10b= 23b+ 21w+ 8w= 18b- 24b+ 11w= (+3 -3 =5)
18: Andscacs 0.81n 5.0 / 11 6b- 20w+ 16b= 14w= 19w+ 4w- 8b= 12b= 17w+ 1w- 21b- (+3 -4 =4)
19: SmarThink 1.70 5.0 / 11 8b- 17w= 23b+ 16w= 18b- 15w- 24b+ 10b= 22w= 21w+ 5b- (+3 -4 =4)
20: Cheng 4.39 4.5 / 11 2b- 18b- 22w+ 6w- 9w- 24b+ 10w= 23w+ 21b+ 13b- 8w- (+4 -6 =1)
21: EXchess 7.71b x64 4.5 / 11 1b- 22w+ 7w- 15b- 23w+ 16b= 17b- 24w+ 20w- 19b- 18w+ (+4 -6 =1)
22: The Baron 3.29 3.5 / 11 11b- 21b- 20b- 17w= 24w+ 10w= 23b+ 13w- 19b= 16w- 14b- (+2 -6 =3)
23: K2 v.075 1.0 / 11 13b- 16w- 19w- 24b+ 21b- 17w- 22w- 20b- 10b- 8w- 15w- (+1 -10 =0)
24: Maverick 1.0 x64 0.0 / 11 9b- 10b- 15w- 23w- 22b- 20w- 19w- 21b- 16b- 17w- 12w- (+0 -11 =0)

132 games download,   TEMP: 3' + 3"
Hardware: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz z 3,9 GB system: Windows 8.1 64 bit  GUI-Fritz 14
Book: Perfect 2015  Table created with: Scid vs PC

116 Chess Engines witch A - update

116 engines: Abrok 5.0 WB+UCI.7z abrok_20602.7z abrok_20821.7z abrok_3_0.7z abrok_4_0.7z Abrok_6_0.7z Absolute-Zero1.0.7z abulafia-061-ja.7z abulafia-063-ja.7z AdaChess-v1.0.7z AdaChess-v2.0.7z adam 3.3.7z adamant1_7.7z adroitchess-03-ja.7z Aice0.97.7z Ajetac.7z Akkad052.7z AKKAD43b.7z AKKAD44b.7z Alaric707.7z Alarm.7z alarm0.93.1.7z ALChess1.5b.7z Aldebaran.7z Alex214.7z alf-109-ja.7z Alfil.13.1.7z Alfil11.7z Alfil13_engine.7z alibaba-137wb-ja.7z alibaba-140-ja.7z alice-060627-ja.7z alichess_425.7z Amaterasu-r22.7z Amateur.7z Amitis 2013-10-16.7z Amitis x64 beta 3.7z Amitis_2013-09-12.7z Amitis_2013-09-12 SSE4.2.7z Amitis_engine.7z Amitis1.0 (UCI).7z amundsen-080-ja.7z amy08_ja.7z Amyan 1.72.7z anatoli_035k.7z andscacs060k.7z andscacs060l.7z andscacs062u.7z andscacs062v.7z andscacs062w.7z andscacs062x.7z andscacs063.7z andscacs064.7z andscacs070.7z andscacs071.7z andscacs072.7z Anechka.7z animats rev.23.7z AnMon_5.75.7z Ant 6.06 WB.7z apep-010-ja.7z Apilchess_105r1b_win32+polyglot.7z ArabianKnight_153.7z arabianknight-1.54.7z arasan14.2.7z arasan15.0.7z arasan15.1.7z Arasan15.3.7z arasan15.4.7z arasan15.5.7z Arasan15.6full.7z arasan16.0.7z Arasan16.1.7z Arasan16.2.7z Arasan16.3.7z Arasan17.0.7z Arasan17.1.7z Arasan17.2.7z Arasan17.3.7z Arasan17.4.7z Arasan17.5.7z Ares_1003.7z Ares_1003a.7z ares_1004.7z Ares1.0.7z Ares1-005-64.7z Arics.7z Arion.7z Aristarch.7z Aristarch 4.21 WB+UCI.7z Armageddon.7z Armageddon 1.0.7z Armagedon.7z Arminius2014-01-18.7z Arrester 0x1a.7z Arrester Eagle.7z Asterix.7z atak_68.7z atlas320.7z atlas325.7z atlas350.7z atlas360.7z atlas370em.7z atlas380.7z averno_081.7z AviChess-0.9b.7z Awersome.7z Axchess.7z Ayito.7z Azaad 1.0.7z

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