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AliBaba 1.40 chess engines Winboard. New version 28.11.2012

Alibaba - winboard chess engine
Author - Dennis Breuker

All engines downloadable on the site

Supra 13.2 - UCI engines. New version 28.11.2012

Supra - UCI engines
Author: Pedro Mourao Correia
Supra 13.2 downloadWebsite


Ivanhoe 46e 64bit - UCI engines.

Ivanhoe - UCI engines
Author - Kranium
Ivanhoe 46e 64bit - download

JaksaH 1.12 - winboard engine. New version 23.11.2012

JaksaH - winboard engine (32 and 64 bit)
Author - Aleksandr Jaksic

JaksaH 1.12 download

Arasan 15.1 engines and GUI. New version 19.11.2012

Arasan - UCI engines (and GUI)
AuthorJon Dart 

All chess engines downloadable on the site

Akkad 0.44b - UCI engine (based to Ippolit)

Akkad - UCI chess engine

All engines downloadable on the site

AlChess 1.5b - UCI engines. New version 18.11.2012

AlChess - UCI engines.
Author -Alex Lobanov (Russia)

All engines downloadable on the site

Houdini 3 - Critter 1.6a - match JCR

Match Houdini 3 - Critter 1.6a 2012.11.19
Time 4' + 2"  Games download

Player Score 123456 1: Houdini 3 Pro x64 4.0 / 6 =1==1= 2: Critter 1.6a 64-bit 2.0 / 6 =0==0=
GUI Fritz 12, Windows 7 64 bit, Table created Scid vs PC

14. Nc3? d4! 15. Qg3 dxc3 16. Bxh7+ Kxh7 17. Rxd8 Rxd8 =/+

Engine X - new strong chess engine

Engine X - UCI chess engines
Author - J. Boden

Engine X download

Tests for author page:

Engine X 0½½½½½11½1 6.0 / 10
Houdini 2.0c Pro x64 1½½½½½00½0 4.0 / 10

Alfil 13 chess engines for Windows and Android. New version 18.11.2012

Alfil chess engines for Windows and Android

All engines downloadable on the site

Sage 3.53 - a great combination

Sage - winboard chess engines
Author David Dahlem (USA) Sage 3.53 download

Qe4 !! 25. Bxe4 Rd1+  26. Kg2 Bxe4+ 27. Kh3  Nf2+  28. Kh4  Rh1 29. Kg5  h6+  30. Kxh6  f6  31. Qd5+  Kh8  0-1

Chess Assistant 13 with Houdini 3 Released!

Chess Assistant 13 comes in three packages:
 Professional and Mega.


Apep 010 - winboard engines. New version 16.11.2012

Apep 010 winboard chess engines
Author - Dave King

Apep download

Abulafia 0.61 UCI engines. New version 15.11.2012

Abulafia - UCI chess engines
Author -Nicu Ionita

All engines downloadable on the site

Lopez 01 - new winboard engines

Lopez - winboard chess engine
Lopez 01 download

Chess Opening for iPhone (iPad)

Chess Opening's easy interface allows you to quickly learn over 1700 openings.


Zoe 01 - winboard engines. New version 13.11.2012

Zoe - winboard engines
Author - James Stanley
Webpage Zoe 01 download

Chess PGN for iPad - new version 1.1.5

Description Application to open chess portable game notation files. Use iTunes's File Sharing to add PGN files to open in this app.


Senior Chess for Android


Djinn 0.971 - winboard engines (Windows/Linux & 64-bit). New version 10.11.2012

Djinn - winboard engines
Author - Thom Linkes
Djinn 0.971 download

ChessPartner for iPhone/iPad - new version 6.0.2

Play against ChessPartner or invite your friends via Game Center.
 The program works both on iPhone and iPad.
- Attractive board. Select from three piece sets.
- Color support, choose the color scheme you like.
- Choose from various layouts.
- Very easy to use.
- Load / Save PGN games. PGN files can be used to exchange games with your favorite PC chess program.
- Powerful PGN support, can handle very large PGN files.
- PGN files are automatically indexed for fast searches.
- Full support for variations.
- Strong Chess engine.
- Comprehensive opening book. Owners of the PC version of ChessPartner can even exchange their own created books.
- Use iTunes to transfer opening books and games.
- Unlimited take back and move forward. Quickly navigates through your saved games.
- Shows computers thinking.
- Many different levels.
- Setup position for analysis.
- Analyze mode. J
ust browse through a game an let ChessPartner think about the game. Use it to analyze your own games and…

The Tarrasch Chess GUI

Tarrasch is an extremely easy to use free chess program for Windows.
Tarrasch comes with free chess engines, so you get everything you need to enjoy computer chess with one simple free download.
Tarrasch is designed to to make it as easy as possible to perform some basic chess activities; Play a game against a chess engine, with either color, from any position, with a time handicap if desired.
Setup an arbitrary position and get the engine to analyse that position. View and play through the analysis provided by the engine.
Create and edit .pgn files (standard chess documents). Enter variations easily (just make moves anywhere). Enter and edit comments easily (just click anywhere and start typing). Promote and demote variations and even comments (so comments can change to moves and vice-versa – great for picking text off a website)..

Tarrasch Chess GUI - portable version downloadTarrasch Chess GUI - install version

JCR Long Turnament 21.10-04.11.2012

JCR Long Turnament 21.10-04.11.2012
RankEngineScore%FiKoDeStHiTaS-B1Fire 2.2 xTreme x32 5.5/1055.0· ·1====01=== 27,25 2Komodo 5 x32 5.5/1055.00=· ·==11=0=1 26,25 3DeepSaros 3.2 x32 5.0/1050.0====· ·====10 25,00 4Strelka 5.5 5.0/1050.0=100==· ·=1== 24,75 5Hiarcs 2011 WCSC 5.0/1050.00==1===0· ·1= 24,50 6Tactico 3350b ProLG x324.0/1040.0===001==0=· · 20,75 

Level: Blitz 90' + 15" Hardware: Intel Celeron 3.46GHz system: Windows XP 32 bit
PGN File downloadTable created with:Arena 3.0

Houdini 3 very powerful engine - tests JCR

JCR Houdini 01-02.11.2012
REngineScore%HoHoHoS-B1Houdini 3 Pro x32 13.0/2065.0· ·· ·· ·· ··=01=11=0====11=1=1=1 110,50 2Houdini 1.5a x32 8.5/2042.5=10=00=1==· ·· ·· ·· ··=001001=== 92,50 3Houdini 2.0c Standard x328.5/2042.5==00=0=0=0=110110===· ·· ·· ·· ·· 83,50 

Level: Blitz 3/1 Hardware: Intel Celeron 3.46GHz system: Windows XP 32 bit
Games - PGN File downloadTable created with:Arena 3.0

Flip4IT new winboard engine

Flip4IT - winboard engines
Authors -Stefan-Dobrin Cosmin, Nita Catalina, Rizea Daniel-Octavian & Voiculescu Rafaela

Flip4IT download

Chiron 1.5 - UCI (comercial) engine. New version 01.11.2012

Chiron - UCI (comercial) engine
Author - Umbaldo Andrea Farina

Chiron page