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Chess engine: Demolito 30-09-2021

Demolito - UCI chess engine Author : Lucas Braesch  Rating JCER=3242 Demolito 30-09-2021 download

Chess engine: Stockfish 21092522 (Windows and Linux)

Stockfish - UCI chess engine, compiled by Stéphane Nicolet Rating JCER=3517 Timestamp: 1632600737 Reduction instead of cutoff In master, during singular move analysis, when both the transposition value and a reduced search for the other moves seem to indicate a fail high, we heuristically prune the whole subtree and return an fail high score. This patch is a little bit more cautious in this case, and instead of the risky cutoff, we now search the ttMove with a reduced depth (by two plies). STC: LLR: 2.94 (-2.94,2.94) <-0.50,2.50> Total: 46728 W: 11909 L: 11666 D: 23153 Elo +1.81 Ptnml(0-2): 181, 5288, 12168, 5561, 166 LTC: LLR: 2.94 (-2.94,2.94) <0.50,3.50> Total: 74520 W: 18809 L: 18450 D: 37261 Elo +1.67 Ptnml(0-2): 45, 7735, 21346, 8084, 50 Bench: 5499262 Stockfish 21092522 NNUE download Stockfish  21092522   for Linux  

Chess engine: Colossus 2021a

Colossus - UCI chess engine, Author: Martin Bryant v. 2021a 64-bit compilation Bitboards SYZYGY endgame tablebases Simplified evaluation function Quiescence search tightened Transposition table buckets Counter-move history Major rewrite of much of remaining code! v Colossus 2008b +132.7 ELO (+/-13.4 after 2316 games) v Fruit 2.1 +80.2 ELO (+/-17.7 after 1199 games) Colossus 2021a download

Chess engine: Mantissa 2.5.0

Mantissa - UCI chess engine Author: Jtwright v.2.5.0 A new version of Mantissa is now available with a number of improvements to playing strength and a few bugfixes: Play: After much testing, Internal Iterative Reduction (credit to ProDeo author) has been integrated into Mantissa's search Move ordering for captures is now based on SEE rather than the previous pseudo MVV-LVA implementation. Various tweaks in the LMR parameters and rules Bugfixes: Fixed a rare bug where non-main threads might overflow their stack Mantissa now clears its transposition table when given the "ucinewgame" command, rather than just continuing to use the old one. From some self play testing, both at 0.25 + 0.1 and 2 + 1 time controls, these changes have resulted in roughly a 70-110 increase in self-play Elo. I'm not completely sure how well that will transfer to overall playing strength against multiple engines (e.g. CCRL). I've attached some pre-compiled binaries. Note that if you have r

Chess Graphical User Interface: Banksia 0.51 (Windows, Mac and Linux)

BanksiaGUI is a freeware chess Graphical User Interface. Changes v 0.51: Fixed bugs: Cannot load/start if games are stored with TCEC computing format Analysis (whole) games didn’t work Cannot save configurations if usernames are in Unicode Some minor bug fixes, some small improvements/adjustments such as fixed font size for Engine Info panel, new digit font for clocks, support feature-options of Winboard protocol…Move list: all computing info, comments could be removed New features: For developers/testers: Run test suites Multi thinking arrows Improve features/functions to work with local network: remote engines can send computing info – now they (remote engines) work as they are in the right front of the user; analysis can work with remote engines; same-name engines over a local network can be combined for calculating results/Elo Support new language: Vietnamese Banksia 0.51 download from homepage.

Koivisto 6.0 wins 2 League CEDR, Edition 01 (Chess Engines Diary, 2021.09.20-29)

Koivisto 6.0 and  Arasan 23.0 NNUE  promote to 1 League (TOP 64) Dark Toga 1.1 and  Wasp 4.50  relegate to 3 League (TOP 64) Time 15'+10" Intel Core i7 7,9 GB GUI  Fritz 17 Book  Perfect 2021 All JCER games 01.09.2021 Table created  Scid vs PC CEDR League Tournament:   240 games League – TOP 64 1 League Edition 01 – temp 15’+10” Rating Score 1. Fisherov 0.98e 3534 22.5 / 30 2. Raubfisch X47b 3473 21.5 / 30 3. SugaR Al 2.40 3483 20.0 / 30 4. Stockfish 14 3517 20.0 / 30 5. Dragon 2 3482 18.0 / 30 6. Ethereal 12.75 NNUE 3479 16.5 / 30 7. Fire 8 NN.MC3 3421 16.0 / 30 8. Igel 3.0.5 3400 15.0 / 30

Fisherov 0.98e wins CEDR - Arena Tournament (Chess Engines Diary, 2021.09.08 - 2021.09.28)

  Time 15'+10" Lenovo Ideapad 330 i3-8130U, 12GB GUI  Arena 3.5.1 Book  Perfect 2021 All JCER games 01.09.2021 Table:  Scid vs PC CEDR Test Tournament:   105 games

Chess engine: Coiled NNUE 0.8

Coiled  - UCI chess engine, Author - Oscar Gavira  Rating CEDR=3136 Coiled 0.8 download

Three-match, Chess Engines Diary 2021.09.25

  Fisherov : CPU 2,  NNUE ... yes,  TB 3,4,5,6,7,  RAM Hash 4096,  Book Big Corr 2450+ Sugar 2.4 : CPU 2,  NNUE ... yes,  TB 3,4,5,6,7,  RAM Hash 4096,  BOOK Donbfreebook Stockfish Ivic : CPU 2,  NNUE ...yes,  TB 3,4,5,6,7,  RAM Hash 4096,  BOOK Perfect 2021 Time 15min+10sek 12 games download

Chess engine for Android: CorChess 2021-09-25 NNUE

CorChess is a clone of Stockfish maintained for better performance on long time controls, trying at least partially to fill the gap between regular tests and demands of correspondence players. Rating JCER=3075 CorChess 2021-09-25 NNUE - download

Chess Engine: Ceres 0.94

Ceres Release Notes - version 0.94 Ceres 0.94 incorporates 3 significant new features as well as numerous smaller tweaks which improve the user experience. The Elo improvements compared to version 0.93 are believed to be very modest (perhaps 5 Elo) at shorter time controls. However the root swapping enhancement definitely increases search speed by at least 7% with large searches. There are also theoretical reasons (e.g. the greater abundance of transpositions) to believe the other enhancements might be more impactful with larger search trees. But this is not confirmed due to the time and computation resources need to perform such tests. Major Features a "root swapping" technique greatly reduces the time spent at the beginning of search of moves within a game to reorganize the search tree. Previously this overhead decreased effective search speed by approximately 11% at long time controls, now reduced to about 3%. Ceres can now avoid rebuilding the tree in a most cases (by swa

Chess engine: Walleye 1.3.0

Walleye is a UCI-compatible engine written using the classical alpha-beta style AI. It supports loading board positions from arbitrary FEN strings, Unicode pretty printing to the console, and UCI communication logs to help with debugging. Originally this project was meant as a first introduction to rust and chess programming, but it got a bit carried away. Author: Mitchel Paulin v.1.3.0 Adds support for time control based move generation Implements the killer move heuristic Implements a much more robust logging framework Adds a test bench move generation mode General bug fixes and minor speed improvements Walleye 1.3.0 download

Match Stockfish 220921 Ivic - SugaR AI 2.40, 2021.09.24 - 2021.09.25

  1CPU,  518 RAM,  NNUE, without  BOOK,  TB : 3,4,5,6, GUI-Fritz 17 Intel Core, i7-6950X CPU @ 3.00GHz 2800 MHz Match - 40 game download

Acer Arena Tournament, 2021.09.24 - 2021.09.27 (for older hardware)

  Time 15'+10" Intel Core i7 7,9 GB GUI  Arena 3.5.1 Book  Perfect 2021 All JCER games 01.09.2021 Table created  Scid vs PC CEDR Test Tournament:   90 games

Game: Stockfish 170921 - Stockfish 14 Ipman, 1-0, (time: 15'+10")

Event: CEDR Strong Engines Tournament,  Date: 2021.09.26. White: Stockfish 170921,  Black: Stockfish 14 Ipman,  Result: 1-0 Time: 15' +10" Partia mi si� podoba�a (ChessBase 16) [Event "2021.09.23.CEDR.StrongEnginesTournament"] [Site "?"] [Date "2021.09.26"] [Round "2.7"] [White "Stockfish 170921"] [Black "Stockfish 14 bmi2, nn-3475Ipman"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "C02"] [Annotator "0.42;0.46"] [PlyCount "139"] [EventDate "2021.09.23"] [EventType "tourn"] [SourceTitle "Fritz Engine Tournament"] [Source "B"] [TimeControl "900+10"] {[%e@p 0,139,15,25,38,23,36,8,7,-11,-2,13,7,9,48,47,31,19,12,16,18,-2,-3,3,4,4, 4,14,29,17,0,6,54,31,26,26,14,9,9,9,69,28,32,16,27,17,8,17,17,18,22,22,28,22, 15,12,20,8,20,43,31,22,15,47,27,28,31,24,44,-28,-52,-35,0,-17,-17,0,0,0,0,-58, 0,-26,0,-30,-15,-15,-31,-31,-15,-22,64,56,181,181,176,176,179,179

Game: Fisherov 0.98g - Eman 7.40 1-0, (time 15'+10")

Event: CEDR Strong Engines Tournament,  Date: 2021.09.24 White: Fisherov 0.98g NNUE bmi2,  Black: Eman 7.40 64-bit BMI2,  Result: 1-0 Time Control 15'+10" Partia mi si� podoba�a (ChessBase 16) [Event "2021.09.23.CEDR.StrongEnginesTournament"] [Site "?"] [Date "2021.09.24"] [Round "1.7"] [White "Fisherov v0.98g NNUE bmi2"] [Black "Eman 7.40 64-bit BMI2"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "C02"] [Annotator "0.43;0.27"] [PlyCount "123"] [EventDate "2021.09.23"] [EventType "tourn"] [SourceTitle "Fritz Engine Tournament"] [Source "B"] [TimeControl "900+10"] {[%e@p 0,110,19,31,41,46,51,33,15,4,-3,-2,10,2,31,47,31,13,14,14,14,7,-2,-7,-6, -19,-2,-17,-10,-28,-23,-17,-15,-13,-7,0,101,7,83,22,19,13,7,29,21,48,45,39,30, 48,23,20,47,38,56,39,58,47,65,65,68,82,80,72,91,75,223,164,138,138,91,95,67,76, 75,74,96,5,0,74,-5,-31,61,-13,37,-11,214,36,62,7