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Rating CEDR

Rating Chess Engines CEDR - 01.03.2023

Generated with Ordo 0.9.9 (anchor Critter 1.6a with 3200)

Min. 250 games time 3'+3" - all 109.262 games download

Chess Engines Diary Rating CEDR – 01.03.2023
generated with Ordo 0.9.9 (anchor Critter 1.6a with 3200)
Min. 250 games (all 109.262 games) Time:3’+3”

Polyfish 2210093725.9315.0052060.58

CorChess 202211213721.4228.0033967.26
1Fisherov chess monk SE3713.8405.0065661.74
2Stockfish 202211233711.6247.5035669.52

Kayra 1.73709.21088.00174062.53

Stockfish 15.13694.0844.50134262.93

SugaR AI 2.503690.1422.5070959.59

Raubfisch X48e3678.0322.0055158.44
3Dragon 3.23675.0555.5093359.54
4Lc0 0.29.0-rc03653.8354.0053965.68
5Berserk 103589.7505.0095952.66
6Ethereal 14.00 NNUE3581.5132.0028646.15
7Koivisto 9.2 hotfix3580.3112.5015970.75
8RubiChess 202211203578.8190.5026970.82
9Revenge 3.03563.31087.00233646.53
10Rebel 16.23543.3139.5029048.10
11Seer 2.63537.8596.00130345.74
12Igel 3.4.03535.7243.0045054.00
13SlowChess 2.93521.6882.00184747.75
14RofChade 3.03494.9692.00134051.64
15Uralochka 3.39d3486.0373.0075549.40
16Minic 3.333476.6274.0058147.16
17Arasan 23.33468.6216.0040054.00
18Fire NN 10720223457.5233.0042554.82
19Hiarcs 15.53449.6525.0095155.21
20Booot 7.03405.0263.0062342.22
21Nemorino 6.003400.2162.0031551.43
22Caissa 1.53399.1249.5057343.54
23Wasp 6.003398.3299.0068943.40
24Tucano 10.003383.4154.0028953.29
25Komodo 13.023382.9449.5096346.68
26Halogen 113376.6263.5072636.29
27Velvet 4.0.13355.3143.5026454.36
28Marvin 6.1.03342.8254.0048352.59
29Weiss 2.1 dev3327.3192.5039049.36
30Coiled 1.13317.7192.5025475.79
31Xiphos 0.6.13310.6267.5053849.72
32Fritz 173305.3630.50131048.13
33Fritz 183305.1118.0037031.89
34Zahak 10.03291.3202.0044245.70
35Mantissa 3.7.23287.3206.5035358.50
36Little Goliath 3.163267.4195.5057633.94
37Stash 34.03260.0155.5031449.52
38Schooner 2.23256.6165.0035746.22
39Viridithas 7.0.03251.1115.0043926.20
40Alexandria 3.1.03250.6200.5034657.95
42Toga IV3228.0100.0028035.71
43Andscacs 0.950923224.0169.5033650.45
44Deep Shredder 133217.6171.0042640.14
45Roc 2022Aug183213.6126.5025050.60
46Critter 1.6a3200.01132.50237147.76
47Expositor 2BR173167.2114.5031736.12
48Counter 4.13132.2203.0035756.86
49Kuma 1.03126.3167.5031054.03
50Fizbo 23125.9156.5033247.14
51Gargantua 1.03115.7221.0044849.33
52Ice4 8533086.2163.0035745.66
53Frozenight 5.1.03079.7152.5032646.78
54Atlas 4.253077.8122.0025048.80
55Vajolet2 2.83077.5165.5032550.92
56Amoeba 3.43066.9149.0025059.60
57Sting Black Hole 23062.2115.0031536.51
58Nalwald 163052.1267.5049354.26
59Monolith 23050.4213.5035659.97
60Deuterium 2019.2.37.733039.5147.5030049.17
61Journeyman 2.13013.6153.5031249.20
62Vafra 3.3.23006.8164.5035146.87
63Godel 7.02959.5175.5033452.54
64Baron 3.44.12905.7161.0028556.49
65RukChess 3.02817.7122.5032138.16
66Lozza 2.22801.4112.0026841.79
67Bagatur 3.32779.5117.5033035.61
68MadChess 3.2 beta2775.6164.0046035.65
69Delocto 0.61n2771.2196.5036254.28
70Leorik 2.22771.290.0029430.61
71Ruydos 1.1.112766.4130.5026948.51
72Protej 0.6.32758.9202.5046243.83
73ECE 20.12755.3222.5033067.42
74Blunder 8.0.02748.9112.0050322.27
75Knightx 3.6a2740.587.0030128.90
76Caligula 1.0b2735.8144.0045831.44
77GreKo 2020.032725.976.5025530.00
79Colossus 2022a2708.9185.0054933.70
80Dumb 1.112707.2100.5026438.07
81Fridolin 3.102671.9150.5028452.99
82CT800 1.442653.392.0028132.74
84Dimitri 5.2.32595.7119.0026345.25
85Fornax 4.02587.6143.0034940.97
86Barbarossa 0.6.02567.092.0025436.22
87Betsabe II 1.962561.0143.5034441.72
88FoxSEE 8.22527.1104.5048221.68
89Horowitz 2.22340.657.0025622.27
90Jinx 1.02336.5121.5028143.24
91ChessKISS 1.82335.759.0025223.41
92SeeChess 1.22309.6132.5030942.88
93RapChess 2022-12-082233.918.002736.59
94Cdrill 20002191.855.0028719.16
95HonzovySachy 2.0 2019-12-072105.2121.0028842.01

New rating CEDR- 01.03.2023,  Stockfish, clones and derivatives

Generated with Ordo 0.9.9 (anchor Critter 1.6a with 3200)

Min. 120 games time 3'+3" - all 109.262 games download

Rating CEDR – 01.03.2023 Stockfish, clones and derivatives
generated with Ordo 0.9.9 (anchor Critter 1.6a with 3200)
Min. 120 games (all 109.262 games) Time:3’+3”
1CorChess 0310223746.2157.5022669.69
2Kookaburra 1.003731.6121.0018266.48
3Genko 1.03729.7108.0016665.06
4DarkSister 1.9b3729.4119.5019860.35
5Patzer AI 0202233727.194.0013768.61
6Polyfish 2210093725.9315.0052060.58
7Stockfish 0310223723.2110.5015869.94
8Nebula-vortex 1.03721.0315.0050662.25
9ShashChess 253719.3139.5022462.28
10ProteusSF Piranha 2209043717.5920.50152060.56
11Spectral Tactical 1.603716.695.0016856.55
12BrainLearn 203716.4321.0049065.51
13Zeus 27.03715.0195.0033358.56
14Swordfish 15.3a3714.7180.5028363.78
15pHoBiA 4.13714.6126.5020462.01
16Fisherov chess monk SE3713.8405.0065661.74
17Eman 8.403713.1385.0063860.34
18Solista Attack 23712.1299.5051058.73
19Stockfish 290522 Ivec3711.7113.0014478.47
20Cool Iris 5.23711.6234.5039759.07
21Cfish 2606213711.126.503869.74
22Charisma 2502233710.271.0012755.91
23AI 27.03710.1372.0064257.94
24ShashChess 25.23709.693.5016257.72
25Kayra 1.73709.21088.00174062.53
26Blue Marlin 15.43707.6214.5037956.60
27BigBallz 0109223703.3460.0076060.53
28Teal Oracle3702.7351.0054963.93
29Raubfisch X48d33702.4118.0019660.20
31YuliGM PrO 4.03698.5161.5029554.75
32Crystal 040722 Ipman3696.553.008463.10
34SugaR AI 2.503690.1422.5070959.59
35Flaming Titz 2308223677.9137.5018972.75
36Fat Fritz 23663.9133.0023456.84
37Vafra 12.2 Cfish3624.2138.5023459.19

edition 01/2023  ♖ 


Chess Engines Diary League: games, tables and pdf.


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