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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Super League JCER edition 08/2016 start today!

Super League edition 08/2016
Stockfish 8 x64 Marco Costalba3360
Komodo 10.1 x64 Don Dailey, Larry Kaufman, Mark Lefler3339
Judas PrO x64 Marco Zerbinati 3324
SugaR 2.6 x64 Marco Zerbinati3336
Houdini 4 x64 Robert Houdart3193
Gull 3.1 JV x64 Vadim Demichev3208
Strelka 6 x32 Jury Osipov3112
Critter 1.6a x64 Richard Vida3102
Fizbo 1.8 x64 Youri Matiounine3027
Equinox 3.30 x64 Giancarlo Delli Colli3086
Protector 1.9.0 x64 Raimund Heid3003
Andscacs 0.88 x64 Daniel Jose3115
Mars 3..5 x64 Trap3103
Fire 4 x64 Norman Schmidt3118
Deep Rybka 4.1 x64 Vasik Rajlich3053
Chiron 3.01 x64  Umbaldo Andrea Farina2947
Nirvanachess 2.3 x64Thomas Kolarik3021
Fritz 15 Vasik Rajlich3086
Hannibal 1.7 x64 Sam Hamilton & Edsel Apostol3046
Texel 1.07a6 x64 Peter Ă–sterlund3000

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  1. nice barb,but dont play k10.2,h200716,fire5,deep shredder13.results please