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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dorpsgek Cosmopolitan 1 - winboard chess engine. New version!

Dorpsgek Cosmopolitan 1 - winboard chess engine

Author - Matthew R. Brades


Rating JCER=1896

Author about 
Cosmopolitan 1

King Safety (somewhat primitive)
Pawn structure eval based on bitboards - thanks @Mk-Chan!
Ply - 2 killer moves
History Heuristic quiet move sorting
Fixed a major repetition draw bug that resulted in a lot of thrown games.
Fixed a move parsing bug that prevented it from recognising promotions after "usermove" - thanks @kz04px!
Fixed a time control bug that caused crashes and time losses on repeating time controls
Optimised the move generators somewhat.
Various code cleanups.

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