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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stockfish 17011118 - new version!

Stockfish, chess engine UCI

Leader rating list JCER = 3406

🔬 Author: Stéphane Nicolet      

Timestamp: 1484154677 

Check for overflow in Score * int multiplication (#969) 

Add asserts to check for overflow in Score * int multiplication. 

There is no overflow in current master, but it would be easy to create one as the scale of the current eval does not leave many spare bits. For instance, adding the following unused variables in master at the end of evaluate() (line 882 of evaluate.cpp) overflows: 

Score s1 = score * 4; // no overflow 
Score s2 = score * 5; // overflow 

Assertion failed: (eg_value(result) == (i * eg_value(s))), 
function operator*, file ./types.h, line 336. 

Same md5 checksum as current master for non debug compiles. 

No functional change.

⭐⭐⭐   Stockfish 17011118 - download

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