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Sunday, August 13, 2017

99 chess engines the letter S (part S4) - download update

99 chess engines the letter S (part S4) - download

EnginesSTRELKA 1.0 BETA (WB).7Z STRELKA 1.8.7z STRELKA 2.0 (UCI).7Z Strelka Strelka3R.7z Strelka5.7z strelka5.1.7z Strelka5.5_32_64bit.7z strelka55.7z strelka57mpx64.7z strelka57mpx64.zip Strelka6.7z StrongChess1.0.7z StupidTM.7z suff0_3a.7z Sugar.7z SugaR 050415 32-64.7z SugaR 050615 32-64.zip SugaR 080615 32-64.zip SugaR 110317 32-64.7z SugaR 110515 32-64.zip SugaR 130515 32-64.zip SugaR 140217 32-64.7z SugaR 2.0 32-64.7z Sugar 2.0b.7z SugaR 2.1 32-64.7z SugaR 2.2 32-64.7z SugaR 2.4 32-64.7z SugaR 2.5 32-64.7z SugaR 2.6 32.64.7z SugaR 200415 32-64.zip SugaR 250615 32-64.zip SugaR 270315 32-64.zip SugaR 280515 32-64.7z SugaR 280517.7z SugaR Beta1.zip SugaR PrO 060915 32-64.7z SugaR PrO 090915 32-64.7z SugaR Pro 1.2a.zip SugaR Pro 160915 32-64.7z SugaR PrO RC1 32-64.zip SugaR PrO RC2 32-64.7z SugaR PrO rP100515.7z SugaR PrO v1.0 32-64.7z SugaR PrO v1.1 64.7z SugaR PrO v1.2 32-64.7z SugaR PrO v1.2b 32-64.7z SugaR PrO v1.3 32-64.7z SugaR PrO v1.3a 32-64.zip SugaR PrO v1.3b 32-64.7z SugaR PrO v1.4 64.zip SugaR SE 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0c 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0d 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0e 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0f 32-64.7z Sugar v2.0g 32-64.7z Sugar v3.0a 32-64.7z Sugar v3.0b 32-64.7z Sugar v4.1 32-64.7z Sugar v4.2 32-64.7z SugaR v5.0 32-64.7z SugaR v5.1 32-64.zip SugaR v5.2 32-64.zip SugaR v5.2a 32-64.zip SugaR v5.2b 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3 RC1 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3 RC2 32-64.zip SugaR v5.3b 32-64.zip SugaR v5.4 32-64.zip SugaR v5.4a 32-64.zip SugaR v5.4b 32-64.zip SugaR X.7z SugaR XPrO 1.0 32-64.7z SugaR XPrO 1.0a 32-64.7z SugaR XPrO 1.0c 32-64.7z SugaR XPrO 1.0d 32-64.7z SugaR XPrO 1.0e 32-64.7z SugaR.XPrO 1.2.7z sungorus-1.4.zip sungorus-14-ja.7z Sunsetter.7z Sunsetter 9.7z Super Micro 583 fide.7z SuperMainsworthy_206.7z superpawn b110.7z Superpawn b71.7z Superpawn b89.7z Superpawn b91.7z Superpawn b95.7z Superpawn.b102.zip Superpawn.b108.zip Superpawn1.0.zip superpawn109.zip Superpawnb96.zip Superpawnb99.zip superpawn-windows-x64.7z supra_24.0.zip

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