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New chess engine: Fisherov 0.90 NNUE (modifications to the Stockfish)


Fisherov - UCI chess engine (NNUE)

Fisherov is a chess engine derived from stockfish. Code has been added in various parts to achieve a different style, which becomes more evident by deactivating his neural networks (although this would cause him to significantly lose his strength but he would gain in aggressiveness, which would be interesting for human training or to make him compete against other non-neural chess engines).

For greater robustness and competitiveness, the use of a neural network must be left activated (as it already comes by default). The engine already has a network incorporated, although there is also the possibility of using another network from the UCI options.

This engine was developed by Luis Damián Primo and Andres Ivan Primo residents of the province of Córdoba, Argentina. Hope you enjoy.


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