Floyd 0.6 - new version chess engine

Floyd - UCI chess engine
( for Windows, Linux and Mac).



Version 0.6

  • Workaround Arena problem causing all system memory to be used (reported by Ruxy S.)
  • Workaround Cutechess GUI problem that prevented changing the hash size
  • Fix crash under Cutechess GUI when using 128 MB hash (reported by Antonio A.)
  • Fix some crashes in late end games
  • Fix hangup/crash in win64 version after ~30 moves under Shredder GUI (reported by Gabor S.)
  • Added basic reductions, giving some additional elo due to deeper search
  • Disable null move in late end games, for better end game handling and mate finding
  • Added support for Raspberry Pi 1 & 2

  • Floyd 0.6 - download


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