Monday, October 26, 2015

Mini Rodent 1.0 - chess engine

About author:
Mini Rodent 1.0

Mini Rodent 1.0 is a medium strength chess engine (presumably 2700+ Elo on CCRL scale) with relatively small codebase (2400 lines of code, excluding comments and empty lines). The objective of writing it has been twofold: to create a compact didactic engine and to get a solid base before moving on to create full strength Rodent 2.0.

Mini Rodent 1.0 is *not* an original engine (so Rodent 2.0 will be a derivative as well). It originated from clear and concise codebase of Sungorus 1.4 by Pablo Vazquez. Many additions and improvements were based on open source engines, most notably Stockfish (LMR), Senpai 1.0 (futility pruning, late move pruning, handling of aspiration window), Toga II 3.0 (razoring), Fruit (several eval terms learned from Toga Log User Manual), Bobcat (general king safety outline).


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