Rodent II - UCI chess engine. New version!

Rodent - UCI engine
Author = Pawel Koziol (Poland)

Rating JCER:=2700

Information from the author:
It is a complete rewrite, which I had to do due to some untraceable bug in 1.7 codebase, causing node discrepancies between debug and release compiles. I didn't manage to implement all the functionalities from previous codebase yet. This is actually a good news, because it leaves me with some relatively simple improvements. 

Another good news is that current source is Linux compatibile, owing to several hints kindly supplied by Dave Kaye. There is also a Linux executable. Preparing 32-bit Windows version, however, will take me a couple of days. 

Due to some other commitments please don't expect new Rodent before September. In the meantime, however, I invite You to create new Rodent personalities. The tuning system has matured (and has been documented), option names are finally readable also for non-programmers. It is likely that one can squeeze some more elo out of it - or some more fun, whatever you fancy. If there is enough interest, I can run a tournament of user-defined personalities. 

As for playing strength, the gain over version 1.7 is really modest, something like 25 Elo. Hopefully, code is much more maintainable and will allow firther strength increase, something that has become too difficult with previous codebase. 

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