Floyd 0.8 - UCI chess engine. New version!

Floyd - UCI chess engine
( for Windows, Linux and Mac).


Marcel van Kervinck 

Version 0.8

Main changes:

Gained approximately 150 elo at fast time controls

More attractive playing style, mainly due to evaluation

Improved timecontrol for very fast fames with zero increment 

Under the hood:

Recapture extension and single reply extension

Saner evaluation for passers and king attacks

Added pawn/king table to keep speed roughly unchanged

3x improved precision of built-in benchmark

Removal of needless SAN parser 


  1. Hello Barbara.

    Could you please replace that logo with the official one? The artwork in the one you use is copyrighted material for which the rights are not available. I strongly recommend against copyright infringement by sticking to the logo that is part of the distribution.

    Marcel (author of Floyd)


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