92 Chess Engines with H - update location and files

92 Chess Engines with H:

hagrid0.7.56 Hakkapeliitta 2.0 Hakkapeliitta 3.0 Hakkapeliitta 3.22 x64 Hakkapeliitta dev 63 Hakkapeliitta-Hakkapeliitta DC Hakkapeliitta-rel3 HAMSTERS 0.0.6 HAMSTERS 0.2 HAMSTERS 0.3 HAMSTERS 0.4 HAMSTERS 0.5 HAMSTERS 0.5 MAC HAMSTERS 0.6 HAMSTERS 0.6 MAC HAMSTERS 0.7.1 MAC HAMSTERS 0.7.2 dev1 Hamsters_0.7.1 HANNIBAL 1.0 HANNIBAL 1.0a Hannibal_1.3 hannibal_1.1 Hannibal1.2 Hannibal1.4 Hannibal1.4a Hannibal1.4b Hannibal1.5 haskak-01-ja HeavyChess heracles0616 heretic0.3 Hermann28 Hermann28x64 Heron impossible 140214 Heron impossible 280814 X64 hippocampe041 hoichess-0.12.1-32-ja hoichess-0.3.5-win32 Holmes homer Hoplite hoplite-2.1.1 Horizon HOUDINI 1.0 Houdini 1.01 Houdini 1.02 HOUDINI 1.03 Houdini 1.03a HOUDINI 1.05 HOUDINI 1.05a HOUDINI 1.5a T3 houdini 6 cpu houdini 6 cpu fixed Houdini X86 and x64 8CPU By eliasgino2007 Houdini_103_w32_1CPU Houdini_103_x64_1CPU Houdini_103_x64_2CPU Houdini_103a Houdini_103a_w32_1CPU Houdini_103a_x64_1CPU Houdini_103a_x64_2CPU Houdini_103a_x64_LOCKLESS_8CPU. Houdini_15 Houdini_15a Houdini_15a_w32_p2.exe Houdini_15a_x64_op Houdini_15a_x64_p2 Houdini_DEVEL_x64_8_CPU Houdini_DEVEL-V1_x64_8_CPU Houdini_DEVEL-V2_x64_8_CPU Houdini_w32_1CPU Houdini_w32_1CPU (Old Buggy) Houdini_w32_1CPU_1.01 Houdini_w32_2CPU Houdini_w32_2CPU (Old Buggy) Houdini_w32_4CPU Houdini_w32_64_4CPU Houdini_w32_8CPU Houdini_w32_8CPU (Old Buggy) Houdini_x64_1CPU Houdini_x64_1CPU (Old Buggy) Houdini_x64_2CPU Houdini_x64_2CPU (Old Buggy) Houdini_x64_4CPU Houdini_x64_8CPU Houdini_x64_8CPU (Old Buggy) Houdini_x64_8CPU-patched. Houdini_x64_POPCNT_4CPU Houdini_x64_POPCNT_8CPU Hussar_v0.4.7z hustle 5.01.7z Hydra


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