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93 Chess Engines with P - update location and files

93 Chess Engines with P:

PANCHESS 00.220b PanChess 00.250 x64 PANCHESS 00.437 PANCHESS 00.534 PanChess00.220 PanChess00.400 PanChess00.611 PanChess00537 PanChess230 PanChess240 parrotxp Patriot_2006 pawny_0.3.1 pawny_1.0 pawny_1.1 Pedone_0.2 Pedone_0.2.1 Pedone_0.3 Pedone_0.4_syzygy Pedone_0.5 Pedone_0-1_win64 Pedone_0-1_winlinux Pedone_1.0 Pedone_1.1 Pedone_1.2 Pedone_1.3 Pedone_1.4 Pentagon_12 pepito159.2-(fix)-ja Petir Petir Chess Pack Petir4999999 Phalanx_XXIV_Win32 phalanx-win32-r82 Phalanx-XXIII-beta-20140501 phalanx-xxiii-ja phalanx-XXIII-win32 pharaon Philou_371 Phoom uci pigeon-1.33-x64 pikoSzachy34 PikoSzachy41 piranha0.5 plisk_027_d plywood_bin Polar Pooky Popochin postmodernist Powder_1_5_1 Prechess Predateur2.1 Predateur2.2.1 presbyter-1.3.0 Prochess101c ProChess101CP ProChess102AD ProDeo 1.8 ProDeo 1.82 ProDeo183c ProDeo186 ProDeo187 ProDeo21 prophet-20b1-ja Protector 1.6.0 Unofficial Protector 1.7.0 beta r938 x64 Protector 1.8 x64 Protector_1_5_0 Protector_1_6_0 Protector_1_7_0 Protector_1_8_0Official Protector_1_9_0 protector1.5 protector-140-rev402-ja Protector64-r1009 Protej protej057 protej058b protej058c Protej058full pseudo_07c Pulsar pulse-1.0.0 pulse-1.2.0 pulse-1.3.0 pulse-1.4 pulse-1.5-cpp Pulse-1.6.1 purplehaze-20-32-ja pwned_windows_v1.3 pwned1.0 pyotr-jet


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