Carballo 1.4 chess engine UCI. New version

Carballo - UCI chess engines

Author - Alberto Alonso Ruibal

Version 1.4 
Another step in the engine strength:

* Better understanding of pinned pieces, generating attacks only from legal moves
* New logarithmic piece mobility bonuses
* New set of pawn bonuses and changes in passer pawn evaluation adding an unstoppable passer bonus
* Remove evaluator section Config & UCI parameters speeding up things
* Changes in king safety evaluation taking into account three more squares in front of the king and modifying bonuses
* Improve pawn shield logic and add pawn storm evaluation
* Avoid negative values in the Opening-Endgame (O-E) arithmetic
* Make the bishop pair and the tempo bonuses O-E
* Reduce the tempo bonus in the endgame
* Merge piece values in the piece-square tables
* Simplify the rook on 5th, 6th, 7th rank logic replacing it by a bonus for each pawn attacked by the rook
* Remove the queen on 7th rank logic
* Use the PV value in the TT as the search starting score in each depth iteration
* Change time management to use more time
* New futility and razoring margins by depthRemaining, extend futility to more PLYs 
* In quiescence search (QS), do futility also for PV nodes and generate checks at depth 0 also for non-PV nodes
* As fractional extensions are no longer used, now PLY is 1
* Use unicode figurines in the text board and in the GWT Gui SAN notation

* Fix engine crash analyzing positions already mate 

Carballo 1.4 downloadable on the site


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