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Author compilation - 
Niklas Fiekas 

Information on the compilation:
Timestamp: 1460798556 

Fix last search info carried over to mate position 

When starting search in a mate or stalemate position, Stockfish does not 
even care to reinitialize and start worker threads. However after search 
all threads are checked for the best move. 

This can lead to bestmove and info beeing carried over from the last 

Example session: 

setoption name threads value 7 
go movetime 4000 
position startpos moves f2f3 e7e5 g2g4 d8h4 
go movetime 4000 

Actual output is like (almost always): 

bestmove e2e4 
info depth 0 score mate 0 
info depth 20 seldepth 29 multipv 1 score cp 28 [...] pv e2e4 
bestmove e2e4 

Expected output / output after fix: 

bestmove e2e4 ponder e7e6 
info depth 0 score mate 0 
bestmove (none) 

Resolves #623