Strong chess engine: Stockfish 16101308. New version!

Stockfish - chess engines UCI

Previous version chess engine Stockfish 

Author compilation - 

Information on the compilation:
Timestamp: 1476340444 

Fixes for ARM compilation 

The target: 
Odroid U3 ( 
Debian Jessie 
As listed in #550 and #638 three modifications are needed for compilation to work: 
float-abi flag for GCC If an FPU is present and supported by the installed os then passed value need to be hard. 
I didn't find any better solution than using readelf to check for the availibilty of Tag_ABI_VFP_args which sould indicate support for the FPU. The check is only done if the arch is arm and if readelf is not present 
on the system, there will be an error (/bin/sh: 1: readelf: not found) but it will not break and will continue with the default softfp value. Outputing the error is not really acceptable but I wanted some feedback on the 
check itself. 

-lpthread is needed on armv7 outside of Android 
I replaced UNAME with KERNEL and OS to allow to differentiate Android. 

m32 flag 
My understanding is that outside of Android the flag is generating errors on armv7. 

These modifications should introduce change only for non Android armv7 build. 

No functional change. 


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