Ethereal 8 - UCI chess engine (for Windows and Android). New version!

Ethereal - UCI chess engine

Rating JCER=2374

Author - Andy Grant

Cleaned up a large portion of the source code, removal of magic numbers + more,
Resolved an issue which could cause problems with repeating time controls,
Fixed an issue where not all squares could be connected (Thanks, Fernandotenorio),
Fixed an asymmetry issue with pawn connect evaluation (Thanks, Fernandotenorio),
Added Queen mobility into the evaluation function,
Pawns can now be both stacked and isolated,
Apply LMR to PV nodes but at a reduced depth,
Factoring in pawns into attackerCounts and attackCounts
Lowered the threshold of attackers for the safety table,
Greatly simplified the evaluation function, and merged most code together,
Began saving passed pawn locations into the Pawn Structure transposition table,
With that addition, we are now able to score passed pawns based on other features on the board,
Extended a max depth limit from 32 to 64.
Factoring in all 'standard' terms into the zorbist hash
Fixed an issue where castle moves were generated when there were none,
Cleaned up some code involving making null moves
Simplified the transposition table now that turn is factored into the zorbist key,
Finally removed the damned -MATE scores
Finally created a nice testing framework, Ethereal Benchmarking

Ethereal is an original engine aside from the Piece Square Tables (currently using Toga II's tables). It is greatly influenced from Crafty, Stockfish, TSCP, MadChess, and Fruit. Ethereal is a hobby project, but more importantly it is an active resume.

⏭ Ethereal 8 for Windows 32 bit - download

⏯ Ethereal 8 for Windows 64 bit - download
⏯ Ethereal 8 for Android - download


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