Laser 1.3 - UCI chess engine. New version!

Laser - UCI chess engine

Authors: Jeffrey An & Michael An

Rating JCER=2796


Laser 1.3 Windows popcount version - download

Laser 1.3 Windows no-popcount version - download


  1. How can i do this engine in arena 3.5.1? after the download starts a "dos" window...
    thank you for help

  2. Hallo. How can i get this engine to arena 3.5.1 ? After download opens a "dos" window?
    thank you for help...
    your page is the best ever for chess information and engines ^^

    1. How To Download a File ?
      Step 1 - click of download link, Step 2 - wait 5 second, Step 3 - click button SkipAd


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