Fischerle 0.9.80SE (32 and 64 bit) - UCI chess engine.New version

Fischerle - UCI chess engines


Author - Roland Stuckardt

About version 0.9.80 SE:
♙ - a slightly more aggressive forward pruning scheme is now applied,  employing smaller margins for futility pruning, extended futility pruning, and limited razoring;
♖- adding delta pruning and implementing some further slight enhancements, quiescence search has been mildly refined;
♕ - the piece value assigned to bishops and the pair-of-bishops bonus have been slightly reduced, taking into account observations in practical play as well as the empirical findings by Larry Kaufman;
♔- king safety evaluation has been refined, adding an additional incentive to keep some safety-critical castling-side pawns in their initial position;
♗ - Fischerle’s mate approaching scheme has been enhanced; moreover, a minor inconsistency has been eliminated that caused Fischerle to come up with an illegal move in some very rare cases in which the opponent, while mating  Fischerle, deviated from the optimal line of play;

♘ - Fischerle now exploits as well the results of partially completed iterative deepening cycles in case the search failed high at that level.

 Fischerle 0.9.80SE download


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