WyldChess 1.5 - winboard chess engine (Windows and Linux)

WyldChess - winboard chess engine

Author - Mk-Chan
Rating JCER=2407

A free chess engine in C. It does not provide a GUI (Graphical User Interface) but can be linked to one that supports the Xboard/Winboard protocol.

The 32-bit and 64-bit executables are available in the binaries folder. Alternatively, WyldChess can be compiled using Cygwin or MinGW (Samples available in makefile).

Added Syzygy EGTB support
Improved LMR (in part thanks to Ed Schroeder!)
Added history heuristic
Fixed TT mate-score bugs
Better futility pruning
Begun switching to c++ for easier coding(and possibly smaller binaries for windows)
This version I mainly modified search without changing evaluation much. Self testing shows significant(100+) elo gains at 40moves/90s and a little less at 40/10s+0.1s but I doubt it will work out better than ~50elo going by the CCRL list.

Next version I intend to switch completely to C++, actually improve the evaluation and finally add multi-threading support.


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