Stockfish 17072402 - new version!

Stockfish, chess engine UCI

Leader rating list JCER = 3353
🔬 Author: Joost VandeVondele

Timestamp: 1500855794 

Faster travis checks 
in the last month a couple of timeouts have been seen in travis valgrind testing, leading to undesired false positives. The precise cause of this is unclear: a normal valgrind instrumented run is about 6min, the timeout is 10min. Either there are rare hangs (not reproduced locally), or maybe the actual runtime fluctuates on the travis infrastructure (which uses VMs on AWS as far as I know). This patch leads to roughly a 2x speedup of the instrumented testing by reducing the depth from 10 to 9. If timeouts persist, it needs further analysis. 

No functional change. 

Closes #1171 

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