92 chess engines the letter S (part S2) - download update

92 chess engines the letter S (part S2) - download

EnginesSCE_v1.2.7z Schess.7z Schola.7z Schooner-1.4.1.zip Schooner1.4.2_32.zip Schooner1.7.7z Scidlet.7z Scidlet Engines Pack.7z Scorpio_2.76.7z scorpio-2.7.7-JA.zip scorpio-277.7z scorpio-27-ja.7z Sdbc.7z SdBC SdBC Seahorse 1.0 UCI.7z See.7z Senpai 1.0JV.7z Senpai-1.0.7z SF 090116MZ 32-54.zip SF MZPrO 32-64.7z SF_15062017.7Z SF_LMR080717MZ.7Z SF030115MZ 32-64.7z SF040416MZ 32-64.7Z SF040715MZ 32-64.7z SF051215MZ 32-64.7z SF060415MZ 32-64.7z SF060717MZ.7z SF061114MZ.7z SF061115MZ 64.7z SF071014MZ 32-64 LP.7z SF080915MZ 32-64.7z SF091114MZ 32-64.7z SF101015MZ 32-64.7z SF141015MZ 64.7z SF170426_pedvk.7z SF170516MZ FIX.7z SF170710vk_ASM.7z SF171015MZ 64.7z SF181014MZ 32-64.7z SF181115MZ 32-64.7z SF220316MZ 32-64.7Z SF221214MZ 32- 64.7z SF241014MZ 32-64.7z SF260316MZ 32-64.7Z SF300915MZ 32-64.7z SF7 160120VK 64 POP.7z SF7 160408vk 64 SSE.zip SF7 290116VK.7Z SF-ExtMZ 32-64.7z shallow-rev688-win-ja.zip Shallow-rev-694-Windows64+Linux64.7z Shark 141218.zip Shark 141219.7z Shark 141220.7z Shark 150102.7z Shark 150103.7z Shark 150312.zip Shark 150627.zip Shark 151102.7z Shark 160103.7z Shark 160124.7z Shark 160207.7z Shark 160221.7z Shark 160302.7z Shark 160310.7z Shark 160409.7z Shark 160418.7z Shark 160505.7z Shark 160514.7z Shark 160520.7z Shark 160813 x64 bf.7z Shark 160831 x64 bf.7z Shark 161101 x64 bf.7z Shark 170131 x64 bf.7z Shark 170206.7z Shark 170424.7z Shark 170508.7z Shark 170508 bf.7z Shark 170518.7z Shark 170518 bf.7z Shark 170606.7z Shark 170708 bf.7z Shark_141130.7z Shield 1.3.7z Shield_1.0.zip Shield_1.1.zip Shield_1.2.zip Shield_1.3.1.7z Shutranj-Test.7z shutranj-tm-win32.7z


  1. I get this error:

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    Plik został usunięty z powodu naruszenia praw autorskich
    – Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

  2. The Rapidu file is deleted if it has not been downloaded for 30 days. So look at this page: https://chessengines.blogspot.com/p/download.html.
    Thank you for the information. Update: https://rapidu.net/9522462673/ChessEngines_S2.zip


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