Stockfish 17090209 - new version!

Stockfish, chess engine UCI

Rating JCER = 3427
🔬 Author: syzygy

Timestamp: 1504339144 
Prevent Stockfish from exiting if DTZ table is not present 

During TB initialisation, Stockfish checks for the presence of WDL tables but not for the presence of DTZ tables. When attempting to probe a DTZ table, it is therefore possible that the table is not present. 
In that case, Stockfish should neither exit nor report an error. 

To verify the bug: 
$ ./stockfish 
setoption name SyzygyTable value <path_to_WDL_dir> 
position fen 8/8/4r3/4k3/8/1K2P3/3P4/6R1 w - - 
go infinite 
Could not mmap() /opt/tb/regular/KRPPvKR.rtbz 

(On my system, the WDL tables are in one directory and the DTZ tables 
in another. If they are in the same directory, it will be difficult 
to trigger the bug.) 

The fix is trivial: check the file descriptor/handle after opening the file. 

No functional change. 

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