Saturday, March 10, 2018

Penguin - PGN viewer. New version 15

Penguin - game
Penguin is a PGN viewer, reader, editor and desktop board for the review and analysis of games of Chess. 

Game analysis

It can interface with UCI chess engines to analyse game positions. It uses a database of opening positions from the world's premier tournaments to display the most popular lines of opening play.
Penguin is a freeware program for Windows, and is available from this web page. Use Penguin to Store and replay your games and the games of the professionals. Launch a quick chess board from your desktop. Analyse game positions with the help of a UCI game engine and identify the most promising sequences of moves. Study the lines of opening play favoured by the top professionals of today. Penguin is the effort of one single programmer. My objective was to create a compact, non-commercial product that could stand alongside the existing editors and offer some original functionality. I hope that you will find it an enjoyable and useful product and that it will help you improve your skill at Chess.

Penguin download

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