Saturday, March 17, 2018

Scid vs PC - chess database application. New version 4.19

SCID - "Shane's Chess Information Database" is a huge chess toolkit with extensive database analysis and chess-playing features.

Scid vs. PC is a usability and bug-fix fork of Scid. It has extensive interface fixes and improvements, and is fully compatible with Scid's .si4 databases. It's new features include a totally rewitten Gamelist, a Computer Tournament, and FICS, Tree and Book improvements.

New and Improved Features
 New 'Default Databases' feature (Options->Save Bases as Default).
- CQL 5.2 search feature (Search->CQL). Thanks Lionel and CQL authors.
- General search can now match any (non-hidden) pre-game or final move Comment.
- Export Scid Flags feature.
- Big speed up for bulk Strip Comments/Variations feature. (Also make the 'Stop' button work).
- Improvements to loading games at the correct position (resolve a conflict between the tree window and search results), and small Tree speed-up.
- Remove 'Magnetic' for Paul's chess pieces. New 'Ascii' chess pieces (thanks HGM) and 'Green' colour scheme.
- New Turkish translation (thanks Ali Sen).

- Right-clicking button bar changes, including right-click Window button shows Splash window.
- Some tree tweaks and doco updates, and tree Fast+Slow mode now doesn't break the win/lose graph.
- Tweak progress bar update frequencies (base export, game copy).
- OS X has a faster build.
- New Windows build system from Oz.
- A new script, 'sc_filter_pgn', which filters multiple PGN files for games matching a certain position.
- FICS - Offers Graph is disabled while playing a game. Change the censor button a little, and control+censor censors person chatting to you.
- Escape key in main board cancels piece dragging/move.
- Input engine fixes (DGT board). Widget now resizes ok, and bitmaps display properly on OS X. Thanks to Davy De Roeck for debugging it on OS X.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixes regarding other language piece letters.
- Fix up showing the first gamelist/game in searches.
- Fix up the days of the months in the calender widget.
- Fix up window placement on multi display desktops.
- Best games 'Reset Column titles' was broke.
- sc_game startPos segfaults if !HasNonStandardStart.

Download - home page

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