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Chess engine: Halogen 4.0

Halogen - UCI chess engine
Author: Kieren Pearson

A c++ chess engine that implements Null-move pruning, Late move reductions, Quiessence search and a transposition table that uses Zobrist Hashing.

New Features:
Pawn hash table (1MB)
Internal iterative deepening
Extended futility pruning
Triangular PV table
Included makefile in /src/ to allow individuals to compile themselves using make
Static exchange valuation
Lazy SMP multi-threading with shared hash table

Minor changes
Added bishop pair bonus
Tapered evaluation between mid and end game
Adjust values of Knight and Rook based on the number of own pawns
Improved time management for repeating / blitz time controls
Fixed promotion-capture bug invalidating Zobrist hash
Refactor code to allow pruning at root
Don't allow null pruning to drop directly into quiescence search.

Halogen 4.0 download
All files (games, tables and engines) - download from page


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