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Chess engine: Stockfish 20240330 Ivec

Stockfish - UCI chess engine, compiled by Ivec
Rating CEDR=3742

Stockfish 20231024 Ivec - results:
Z5 2.16/6+66 Games
Seer Games
Polyfish 2310223/6+06 Games
Brainlearn 26.13/6+06 Games
Berserk 123/6+06 Games
Obsidian 6.04/4+44 Games
Pawn 2.04/4+44 Games
Lynx 0.19.04/4+44 Games
Pingu 2.0.04/4+44 Games
Alpaca 0.2.54/4+44 Games
Mida 2.24/4+44 Games
Boychesser 1.04/4+44 Games
Tofiks 1.3.04/4+44 Games
Sirius 5.04/4+44 Games
RukChess Games
SF PB 2210232/4+04 Games
ShashChess 34.12/4+04 Games
Raid 2.78i_X2/4+04 Games
Vafra 12.5 Cfish2/4+04 Games
Hazard 3.782/4+04 Games
Lux 3.42/2+22 Games



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