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SF PB 120624 wins New Engines Test, by Chess Engines Diary 2024.06.19

Another CEDR tournament in which we test new versions of chess engines for you. The winner was the SF PB 120624 engine with a large advantage.

In second place is the SF-PRO 14/06/2024 (for now only available to our testers). The 3rd and 4th places were taken by the Cool Iris 12.10 and RapTora 3.0 engines.

All CEDR 356.831 games download (01.06.2024, 3'+3") 

πŸ’Ύ 650 (!) games from the tournament download
πŸ‘ @chessenginesdiary Country - Poland, City - Malbork  πŸ•“ Time 3'+3" 
πŸ’»HP Pavilion i5-1035G1 8GB RAM πŸ–¬ GUI-Banksia

Tech table:

Altair 7.0.3 JA280950353221.75.663.2352.4
Arasan 24.2.2342751922626.46.646.5306.8
Berserk 13466884854032.65.559.8329.2
Bread Engine 0.0.221843506327.66.238.7240.9
Caissa 1.18534998749727.35.458.2315.2
Cool Iris 12.10254139646724.26.446.9300.4
CorChess 20240606242339960529.16.150.3304.7
Critter 1.6a10433160435717.66.545.6296.5
Deep Blue-20240518-assassin229340666630.55.654.4306.9
Deep Ripper -1224637472629.16.052.3313.7
Dragonrose 0.2614482129118.96.835.1238.4
Drosophila 1.6 JA219137869215.15.843.1249.5
Fire 9.3506289914020.35.656.9320.3
Igel 3.5.5 JA221838497922.85.851.3295.5
Inanis 1.3.026445470415719.55.644.6250.5
Killfish 150624225937814232.96.052.3312.2
Mayhem 8.3398059584213.66.740.7272.1
Obsidian dev-12.29468583004327.25.660.7342.8
Patricia 2.0.1226336782516.96.248.3297.1
Peacekeeper 3.01310654636521.25.760.7345.02
PlentyChess 2.0.0326065171228.35.064.2321.0
RapTora 3.0287852265434.05.555.5305.92
SF PB 120624232540609833.15.755.8319.4
SF-PRO 14.06.2024243240340429.86.053.1320.3
Spaghet Pesto 1.07101111021919.56.448.3308.8