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Fisherov Chess Monk NNUE - special edition (Request access)

Fisherov is a chess engine derived from stockfish. Code has been added in various parts to achieve a different style. 
This is an experimental version of Fisherov, where changes have been made to test its performance. We chose "monk" as the name of this version, inspired by the religious quest of one of the programmers.
This engine was developed by Luis Damián Primo and Andres Ivan Primo, inhabitants of the province of Córdoba, Argentina.
Name meaning: Fisherov = Stock"fish" + Fisch"er" + Kaspar"ov".

This SE version - is only available for home use. Request access


  1. Thank you so much because I really enjoy playing with engines.

  2. Фишеров - шахматный движок UCI 0.98 b (NNUE) играет на ничью ( 200 партий 3,3) с версией Монах !!!

  3. Fischer's engine is less than normal, frankly, because the modern Stockfish is more powerful than it


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