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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mars 1.8 - (strong) chess engines UCI (based on Ippolit) . New version 14.06.2014

Mars - UCI chess engines
Rating JCER=2993

Mars 1.8 download


  1. Mars 1.0 os a strong engine. Lately I'm seeing there's a few new version releases such as v1.5, v1.6, v1.7 beta, and now this v1.8. Looks like they're all rated at 2993 elo. I wonder what the diffrences are among these versions if elo ratings are the same. Could it be playing style, etc.? Thanks.

    1. Rank refers to the latest version

    2. Hi Barbara,

      I don't quite understand your reply. My question is about the differences among the versions since they're all rated 2993 elo.


    3. Is there a seperate download site/git-hub, etc. ?

    4. possible, but in my blog you download engine

  2. Is there 32-bit for Mars 1.5 for Windows XP (non-AVX)?