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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Floyd 0.9 - UCI chess engine. New version!

Floyd - UCI chess engine
( for Windows, Linux and Mac).


Rating JCER=2380

Author- Marcel van Kervinck 

Version 0.9: main changes:

Gained approximately 180 elo at fast time controls

Better handling of zugzwang positions

Fixed illegal moves deep in PV (reported by Dirk-Jan D.)

Full solution for the "0readyok" problem: also don't split info lines

Able to abort search in Python module (e.g. by Ctrl-C) 

Under the hood:

Added history counters for move ordering

Improved move ordering for killers

Improved null move pruning/reductions (aka verification)

Added delta pruning

Added hanging piece evaluation

Added basic futility pruning, razoring and stand pat pruning

Some minor evaluation weight tuning

Simplified UCI move printing

Eliminated spurious "Illegal move" in debug mode 

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