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Monday, March 2, 2015

Komodo wins JCER Tournament, 2015.02.28 - 2015.03.01

112 games download
Table: Scid vs PC 
GUI: Arena 3.5 
book: Perfect 2014c 
Temp:  3' + 3", Hardware: Intel Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz with 7,9 GB Memory Operating system: Windows 8.1 Home Edition 64 bit  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

92 Chess Engines witch M - download

Engines download: Macromix_vb1_0b.7z macromix2_01.7z MADCHESS 1.2.7Z MadChess-1.3.7z MadChess1.4.7z MadChess-1-0.7z MadChess-1-1.7z Madeleine.7z madlenka.7z MagnumChess_v4.00.7z magnumchess-30-(r20)-ja.7z Mainsworthy Super Tourny209 Ex213 Re118.7z Mangopaola_2.0.1.7z MangoPaola4.1.7z Marginal01.7z markovian.7z Marks Mainsworthy Engines & ChessGUI04.7z marquis16.7z Mars_1.1_x64_x86.7z Mars_1.5_AVX_x64.7z Mars_1.6_AVX_x64.7z Mars_1.7_beta_AVX_x64.7z Mars_1_x64.7z Mars_18_all.7z Mars_191_all.7z Mars_2.0_x64.7z Mars_2.1_x64.7z Mars_2.2_x64.7z Mars_2.5_x64.7z Mars_2.6_x64.7z Mars_2.7_x64.7z Mars_2.8_x64.7z Mars_3.1.7z Mars_3.2_x64.7z Mars_3.3_x64.7z Mars_3.31_x64.7z Mars_3.33_x64.7z Mars_3.34_x64.7z Mars_3.35_x64.7z Mars_3.36_x64.7z Mars_3.37_x64.zip Marvin_130.7z Matacz-1.4_HT74.7z Maverick 0.51 2013-10-10.7z Maverick 2013-09-15.7z Maverick0.05 2013-08-01.7z Maverick0.11.7z Maverick0.2_2013-08-16.7z mediocre_v0.5.7z MEPHISTO 138d.7z Mephisto Gideon Professional.7z Merlin- Milady_295.7z Minichess.7z Minimardi.1.3.7z minimardi.1.3-final.7z MiniRoque_2.1_win.7z MinkoChess1_3.7z minnow.7z Mint_23.7z MishasMauler 03 and 05.7z MishasMauler 03 and 05 By eliasgino2007.7z MishasMauler_03and_04_.7z MishasMauler03T.7z MishasMauler05.7z MishasMauler07.7z MishasMauler07T.7z MishasMauler10T.7z MishasMauler11T.7z MishasMauler12T.7z MishasSwooper01.7z MishasSwooper02.7z MishasSwooper06.7z MishasSwooper06 By eliasgino2007.7z mizar-30-ja.7z Monarch(v1.7).7z Monik.7z Mooboo_01.7z Moron10.7z Morphy.7z MorphyChess105.7z movei00_8_438.7z Mrchess.7z mscp.7z mscp16h.7z Murka 3.7z Murka_2.7z muse.7z mustang497.7z myrddin-085-ja.7z myrddin-086-ja.7z mystery.7z

26 Chess Engines witch O - download

Engines download: obender-324-ja.7z oberon_0.04.7z Ocha 1.0 beta1.7z ochess.7z octochess_msw_r4452.7z octochess-r4558-ja.7z octochess-r4638.7z octochess-r4690.7z octochess-r4984.7z octochess-r5132.7z octochess-r5178.7z octochess-r5190.7z Olithink.7z OliThink531.7z OliveChess_027.7z Omar.7z onno.7z onno-1-2-2-x64.7z Orion-v0.1.7z Orion-v0.2.7z Orka 141121.7z Orka 141125.7z Orka 141206.7z Orka 141215.7z Orka 141219.7z Orka141220.7z

Stockfish 15022818 - new development version very strong chess engine UCI

Stockfish - chess engines UCI
Previous version chess engine Stockfish 

Author compilation - 
St├ęphane Nicolet 

 Stockfish 15022818 download

46 Chess Engines witch K - download

Engines download: k2_043f.7z k2_057.7z k2_063.7z k2_067.7z k2_v_035.7z k2_v_038.7z k2_v_043.7z k71.7z Kace.7z Kaissa18a.7z kaissa2_10.7z Kanguruh193.7z KasparovX.7z kenny-0110-ja.7z KennyClassIQ0. KennyClassIQ0. KennyClassIQ-master0.2.7z Kerostave Engine.7z KillerQueen.7z kitteneitor- kitteneitorWindows64_0_18_1.7z Kiwi.7z kiwi06d_x64_ja.7z kmtchess-121-ja.7z Knight.7z knightcap-37e-ja.7z KnightX.7z Knightx1.92.7z knockout-0.7.1-build002.7z komodo10-ja.7z komodo-11-ja.7z komodo-12-ja.7z komodo-13b1-ja.7z komodo-13-ja.7z Komodo2.01all_version.7z komodo-2.03-ja.7z komodo2-ab.7z komodo3.7z komodo3-32-win.7z Komodo4.7z kurt_0_9_2_beta.7z kurt_0_9_beta.7z kurt-092.2-beta-ja.7z kurt-092-beta-ja.7z kurt-09-beta-ja.7z kurt-271009-fix-ja.7z

Stockfish 15022817 - new development version very strong chess engine UCI

Stockfish - chess engines UCI
Previous version chess engine Stockfish 

Author compilation - 
St├ęphane Nicolet 

 Stockfish 15022817 download

Saturday, February 28, 2015

26 Chess Engines witch L - download

Engines download: La Dame Blanche 2.0c.7z Lamosca.7z Larsen.7z Latista120.7z Laurifer_10.7z Ldb.7z Leile.7z Leonidas-72-linux.tar.7z Leonidas-72-win.7z Leonidas-83.7z LEOpard_07c.7z Light.7z Lime_v66.7z List512.7z Little Goliath Revival.7z LittleBlitzer-2.5.7z LittleThought-1.052.7z Lodocase240208.7z Loop 2007 32-Bit.7z lopez-01-ja.7z lovelace-10-r2-32-ja.7z Lozza 1.2.7z lozza_1.4 win64.7z lozza1.13.7z lozza13.7z luzhin-01-jet-ja.7z

New book: Perfect 2015

Perfect 2015 - are compatible for Chess GUIs: - Arena, Aquarium, ChessBase and Shredder Classic.

Author -  Sedat Canbaz (Turkey)

book Perfect 2015 download

35 Chess Engines witch W - download

Engines download: waxman2010.7z waxman2013.7z waxman2013.zip waxman2014.7z WILDCAT 2.38.7Z WILDCAT 2.55 (WB).7Z WILDCAT 2.67.7Z WILDCAT 4 (WB).7Z WILDCAT 7.7Z WildCat_2_61.7z WildCat_274.7z wildcat_3.7z wildcat_7_14_12.7z WildCat_8.7z WildCat_8_beta.7z WildCat_8_beta_2.7z WildCat_8_beta_3.7z WildCat_8_beta_4.7z WildCat_8_beta_5.7z WildCat234.7z WildCat235.7z WildCat244.7z WildCat266.7z WildCat279.7z WildCat279a.7z WildCat5.7z Wildcat6Old.7z WildCat7Old.7z WildCat8.7z winchen.7z wing-13-00-ja.7z Witz-Alpha21-binary-win32.7z WJChess 1.42.7z wxchenard.7z wxchenard.zip

Sayuri 2015.02.27 - new version chess engine UCI

Sayuri - UCI chess engine
Author - Hironori Ishibashi   
   Sayuri previous versions

Sayuri 2015.02.27 download

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